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  1. A sad day for me, my beloved Corrado has just suffered the indignity of being used in p/ex for a 328i :oops: After a grand total of 120,000 miles and 6 years (practically to the day), it's finally time for me to move on. Whilst most here won't have a clue who I am (I haven't been active on here for a long time now anyway), but if it wasn't for this place, I would probably have given up long ago :) Big thanks to all, for the masses of help and advice I've both rec'd and read, much respect to the mods who do a fantastic job here, Andi for being a star keeping this forum gadgetry going (don't worry mate, sub will continue ;) ) and special thanks to 16VG60 for doing some fantastic performance work on my car. I actually spotted a Corrado whilst on my way to do the deal, so if you get a cheery wave from a blue bmw, I apologise in advance, old habits die hard :lol: I would have loved to get a VR6, and maybe one day I will, until then, good luck to all keeping these fantastic cars on the road :thumbleft:
  2. Thanks for the advice dinkus and A-J, much appreciated 8) Best Regards.
  3. Yeah :( (viewtopic.php?f=1&t=57416) :lol:
  4. For the last couple of months, my fuel pump has been whining almost constantly. I recentlly had my car serviced where the fuel filter was changed (this reduced the volume of the noise) and I was advised that the fuel pump could continue to work whilst still making that noise (the implication was it could happily go on for a while). To the best of my knowledge, it's still the original one and has done 200k miles. This evening on the way home from work I had what I can only assume is misfiring, but rather than all the misfiring I've suffered in the past, this was only at high revs (4,500-5,000+). It's almost like it's hitting the rev limiter too early :) It only started doing this about 5 miles from home (having already done 60 or so with no problems). A quick search on this lovely forum and it would appear that this is indeed a sign of a dodgy fuel pump. Questions are basically: Is this lilely to occur permanently now, or will it be an intermittent thing? Are there other signs or things to look for? Will I risk damaging the engine if I continue to drive it whilst it's like this? Any ideas on how much I'd be looking at if it is new fuel pump time? Thanks in advance for any help! Best Regards.
  5. Well, it's finally made it, "200050" when I pulled into work this morning 8) I bought my C in November 2001 with 89K on the clock. I've probably spent more than is economically sensible on it over the years, but I don't care :lol: Running well (especially considering the engine still hasn't had anything major done to it!), goes quite nicely when I stick my foot down and still puts a smile on my face :) I am starting to reach the point where I think I may want to try something else, but money is tight right now, so I really need her to run for another year or two... *fingers crossed* Needless to say, don't think I could have done it without places like this forum :oops: *forum hug*
  6. I have an original 1995 brochure which I'm fairly sure has the prices/options in it, will check when I get home and post anything I find (although it will only be for the VR6, 2.0 16V and 2.0 8V).
  7. Excellent point. Thanks for your reply. To be honest it's the high mileage (200k in about a months time) and the fact it needs some bodywork at the rear sorting (rust) which leads me to believe selling is going to be pretty difficult. But, as you rightly point out, the extra hassles for what might end up being a few extra £ looks even less attractive :)
  8. My question is, at what point does it make more financial sense to break a corrado than to sell it, or is it simply one of convenience? I'm assuming breaking is something you have to do yourself? Let's assume the car runs ok, but for one reason or another, wouldn't be worth a lot (having traits that would almost certainly scare away potential buyers), rather than a crash/damaged example. However, with the scarcity of some corrado parts there must theoretically be a price point where the bits are worth more than the car, and if so, what is it? This isn't a WTS or how much is it worth btw :lol: the answers being 'sometime in the future' and 'the square root of f'all' :-P
  9. I've just been having a quick wander through the trade ads on autotrader , and it throws up these two dealers as both having a pretty large stock of Corrados available... If anyone here has dealt with either of them, or even brought a C from them, I'd be interested to hear any thoughts and experiences you'd be willing to share. Happy to read PM's if you don't want to post it in here. Cheers. :wink:
  10. How does that Robert Palmer track go again... "gonna have to face it you're addicted to..." And that probably is the problem I think, I'm clutching at straws trying to think of something else I might like to drive... I just know it's time for a change. Thanks for suggesting other cars, but they've all been struck off the list already for one reason or another. I think the MR2 is only still on there as I have a little familiarity with them, and I don't hate the way they look. Somewhat tenuous or what? :oops: Who am I kidding there really is no choice here is there :cuckoo:
  11. After nearly 5 (or is it 6 years? :lol: ) of (sometimes painful) ownership and having covered just short of 100k miles with my beloved C (186k in total now), I'm in the mood for a change... I need more power, but I think it might also be time to try something else... (had a 1.4 Golf before the C, that's the total of my car owning history). I've driven plenty of hire cars, which did nothing for me besides reminding me that ford/vauxhall/fiat et al can all be safely avoided! In the red corner, I've only been seriously contemplating the Toyota MR2 (the mk2 one, not that roadster thing they have now). Also, this would be the n/a 2.0 16V, not some turbo'd up monster! My dad has owned a succession of them, and of the other cars I've considered, it really is about the only contender. Rear wheel drive and mid engine would certainly be a dramatic change after the Corrado but I'm not sure if it's going to be that much faster - on paper it appears to be, but the real world might say otherwise. However, I have been around Corrado owners long enough to know that most that do switch usually regret it :lol: So in the blue corner, we have the little voices saying "get a VR6"... Sadly, whilst I have been a passenger in both cars, I've never actually driven either of them. Somehow I feel this will be the real test though. Whilst I love my current car, it can be hell (emotionally and financially) to keep it going given that I do at least 400 miles a week. The Toyota should be more reliable, and the later models are '99 rather than '95, so getting a low mileage example would be easier (and they are generally cheaper to buy as well). Perhaps those who have made a switch could give me the benefit of their experiences :?:
  12. Much appreciated, thanks for your reply :)
  13. Info and advice req'd :wink: (9A Engine) The induction hose thing running from the top the the airbox to the throttle on the top of the engine is split into several different pieces, interconnected with jubilee clips. The section which is closest to the engine itself has a small plastic tab (?) on the underside which then connects to two thin hoses (?). This tab became detached and jammed the throttle valve on wide open :cry: Anyway, long story short, the nice man from the AA said I should get this part changed. For the moment the offending tab has been superglued in place. Can anyone throw me a part number and or advise me whether this is dealer only etc? Having seen the repair man take it off and refit, I think even I could manage this one lol As an aside, has anyone encountered something similar or knows how this tab thing is supposed to be connected to the hose in the first place? Thanks in advance for any help and apologies for the vagueness in my descriptions :oops:
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