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  1. This meet looked awesome... sold my VR two weeks to early by all accounts. The photos of the corrado's on the bank is awesome. I imagine they will adorn a few computer screens as a wallpaper. I'm glad the weather held off for you all!
  2. lauraJ

    Oil pump

    I got an oil pump via tps, genuine part. However now I've sold the car I don't have the invoice or part no. Not very helpful. I believe it was approx £130 for the part (but that was with trade discount) only a couple of months ago.
  3. So after a couple of aborted attempts at selling the corrado (do i actually want to sell it?!!) it has now been sold. :( Our plan of selling the cars to help towards the house purchase has gone a little too well i.e happened too quickly but we can't turn down buyers can we! So now off to buy a little banger for the meantime. Anyone know of anything? I will probably be back in a corrado in a couple of years. I'm sure i'll still hang around on the forum, it's my daily ritual to check the forum.
  4. Blimey, I bet your local parts place love you!! I'm going with £1645. I cannot help but admire the level that both you and Judith go to on your cars!
  5. Thank you for your kind words, I truly hope that people do think it's fairly priced and it is sold fairly soon... It will be sad to see it go mind you. But as it has been said its only worth as much as someone is willing to pay. (as long as that's the asking price! Lol)
  6. NOW SOLD VR6 | Black | Basingstoke, Hampshire Price: £2500 Description: For sale is my Black VR due to funding a house purchase, I bought it off CazzaVR as a replacement for my 1.8. It was formally an AMD Technik demo car and has been within the forum for the last few years, and has been well looked after. More Photos on Photobucket It has done 120,000 miles approx and the interior is grey heated leather in excellent condition, with no bolster sag. Both heated seats work perfectly. MOT runs to 28th April 2013, TAX Sept 2012. There's a comprehensive stack of receipts, for all the work carried out, and highlights include: - New exhaust rubbers - Two new tyres - New Clutch / Release Arm (See my members thread!) - Brand New Alternator - Brand New Genuine VW oil pump - Vibratechnics engine mounts - DG Autotech Remap. - Recent Rear Discs / Pads / Bearings - New Thermostat / Housing / G12 - Lupo Wiper Conversion. - New rear springs at 2011 MOT. - Smoked indicatiors - Headlights / Front Fogs covered with Lamin-x (easily removed) - OEM Voltage / Oil Pressure Gauges. - Samco heater hoses. - Uprated door speakers. It's got a comprehensive service history, with evidence of regular oil changes all it's life. It also comes with a CAT1 Total Closure Sigma Alarm system, with certificate of installation. As with all Corrado's it has few bad points.... - Sunroof not working, looks like motor. - Some minor rust on front wings, and around windscreen which has been touched up and would look better with a professional job. This is a great Corrado, and I jumped at the chance of getting it when Andy put it up for sale before, and beat quite a queue of people to get it, I'm gutted to be selling it, but want to see it go to a great home. Phone: 07830 347367 / 07855 397563 Location: Basingstoke, Hampshire. Happy for viewings in the evenings, and collection from a train station is no problem.
  7. Another Basingstoke spot this time a red VR m reg was last night at the roundabout nr the hospital. I was a few cars behind so couldn't wave.
  8. I'll meet you at chievley services, just mad the decision to come. See you at 11. :)
  9. Yeah usually it's not too bad thats why i said I would come, but this month is just been awful! Can't wait for march to finish! I will try and make it if I can :)
  10. Not sure that if i'm going to be able to make it.... month end in a dealership is not a good time. However I will try and make it :)
  11. Hi, another one in Basingstoke. These corrado's are becoming as common as muck! :) Welcome to the forum
  12. My car was parked on site today as a couple of the sales boys (ex vw sales man) were very complimentary about the VR. Was well chuffed considering they sell jags all day :)
  13. Faye I might have to join you in going to one of these meets - as long as you dont mind a hanger on. I must make more of an effort this year to get to meets. Easy enough to say that you will go and then i always forget. I've been reading your updates and you're making great progress! The car looks fab... very jealous :)
  14. ok thanks for that, you said make you an offer.... here's a slightly cheeky offer of £50. I could pick them up tomorrow and take them off your hands :)
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