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  1. Hi guys, Sorry for the lack of update... First of all apologies - a month overdue! :( One loom is ready to ship, however having a nightmare getting the other 4 through test. Because I havent got a C anymore, I decided to make a test rig (in works time - lol). I made a mistake on the test rig & had to repair one of the looms after it was damaged, & the other 3 are awaiting test. It's going to be a little while longer, I understand that if you want a refund, then thats no problems - if you are sick of waiting... One loom will be sent to the person who paid first. Cheers, Andy.
  2. Just about to reply to your pm - Basicly they are almost done - 97% now - lol. Just waiting on a delivery on 2 connectors on each loom. Ordered them on monday, so they should be here tomorrow :) Andy.
  3. To the selected few! : The looms are 95% complete... Just trying to find the time with busy xmas! lol. I have loads of time off between xmas & new year so will get them finished off & posted :) Cheers guys. Andy.
  4. Right... I now have enough people to make up the next batch - I'll pm people later to request payment etc... :) Andy.
  5. Top 12 have been Pm'ed regarding pay-up-front, get loom in 2 weeks option... Cheers, Andy
  6. My list looks like this: ReekieVR Oxfordpaul (fitted) daves16v A-J Goldie TheWizardofOdds vwdeviant Son of a beesting skinnyman9000 RADO.001 keithabc216v Mr Sands shang60 vr-man jam1n ving60 Mark-storm (fitted at local meet) nzgti RichieSounds 2_door_fun ziderapple G60SC_stoney blue95 mattman g60 stormchaser grimmy stevef182 dub_nut_g60 mattnorgrove DanVW John-M DelMonty lj16v CazzaVR kaktus mic_vr Ginger69 Vornwend (fitted at local meet) storm_warning MysticRado insomniak pbradley98 Yash drunkenmunkeyace666 mbaker8v chichee aclwalker j16jrf Dan_storm fla MK1Campaign morganirl DeanTT monzablau16v John-M 12 DEG BEN bigchagg rolex Critical_Mass ProdigalSon 3corsameal TrentSC Jon_vr6 junkie etc Andy.
  7. andy_vw


    I've phoned Blake - they said it may be the metering head... Passed on everything apart from this & a rear brake hose... :( The major over-fueling could explain my crap MPG!
  8. andy_vw


    Hi All, Just had my car MOT'ed & it failed on the emissions... I almost fell over when I saw the results: Fast Idle Test: RPM 2606 CO 12.165 HC 1352 Lambda 0.662 Limits for CO is 0.3 & HC is 200 !!! Something is really up! Any ideas? Andy.
  9. Yep, I will be up for that... I'll combine the installation instructions with the build instructions & post it here. That is a possibility - Who would be up for this? Groups of 5 or 10 would be ideal...? Cheers, Andy.
  10. Right, ok people, I will be making some more looms (due to demand!) - However it won't be this year, due to finances... I simply can't afford to buy the materials at the moment... I'll be hiring the help of the mrs - she offered & don't worry, I'll be inspecting her work! :lol: I havent got time to reply to every post or Pm at the moment. Cheers, Andy.
  11. Refund now sent... Basicly... RickieVR paid for his loom a couple of months ago. I sent it out & ended up getting flood damaged. I should've refunded earlier... I've just read my pm's from him & refunded him in full... Shame really, trying to people more of a favour than anything making these looms. The ones are of such bad quality on ebay, I didn't want people getting ripped off by them. Don't make alot on these & certainly didn't go out to rip people off :( Anyways I doubt anyone will want anymore looms, I won't be buying anymore materials for these. It's a shame that people with the looms havent posted here. Andy.
  12. Yea, he does know his stuff... :) Wouldn't have thought Stealth would've done it wrong - very odd! All fixed now - Runs & drives like a dream - Still need to get the exhaust done though...!
  13. The KR Cam was fitted before I bought it - I did always think that it never ran quite right... Now I know why! Didnt run like a complete dog... Wasn't that bad. I've lived with it for 8 months!
  14. I think they used VAG ones... Got the car back last night - Everything seems ok. When they were taking the head off / cam belt off they noticed the inlet cam (KR cam), was a tooth out so it had never run properly since that was done! (since I've had it!) Hell of a difference with it on the right tooth!!! Runs alot smoother & picks up a lot better. Praises for Tom at Blake services :)
  15. Shes being re-built now (new head gasket)... Should get her back tomorrow...
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