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  1. Rod 1


    do you ever go to car shows as a group? I used to go with performance vauxhall group (yes i owned a corsa) :eek: and they were loads of fun, just thought it'd be a good chance to meet and get to know you all
  2. i was wondering if you guys have ever done a rolling road day? and what would the possibility of doing another be?
  3. i have heard that the corrado is quite fussy about suspension geometry and even after having her tracked on a number of occasions she still pulls left. i was wondering if anyone has any recommendations for where i can get it done? im also looking for somewhere to have some anti roll bars fitted. thanks lads.
  4. as title. need to know ASAP lads. thanks :D
  5. how much was your conversion and what needed to be done? obviusly wont be the same price but should give me an idea
  6. as title says, thanks dave for venturing out in the snow to sort my wonkey sunroof. :D
  7. i'm paying jbs a visit as im getting her on the rollers to see exactly what shes runnin, its beein estimated at 165-170 but wanna know for sure, ill have a chat with them while im there.
  8. sorry, only just looked at post. i only have the internet at my mums so can only look when im here. where do abouts in sandiacre are you?
  9. well i've managed to stop it leaking with duck tape of all things :lol: so i'm not desperate so like i said whenever best for you, after all your doin me the favour mate :)
  10. sounds fair matey. when's best for you?
  11. wow, that'd be really good of you. i'm only minutes away from sandiacre. how much would you want to have a look?
  12. not having much luck, have you got a link for it? :(
  13. sorry took me a while to reply, i dont mind traveling but i dont like the idea of leaving my car miles away and not knowing whats happening to her (yes i am paranoid). ideally i just need a rough price on the job lot, kit, fitting etc.
  14. i have just got around to fitting my new sunroof and realised that the rubber surround needs replacing. the sunroof pannel came off no prolem but know its pissed up and wont sit right. when i activate the mecanism with the panel off one of the moving parts that mounts the panel to the rails sits slightly more forward than the other, i was wondering how can that be moved so they sit level with one another. not the best description in the world but you guys have helped me out before. :D
  15. Rod 1

    onboard computer

    any idea where i can get the on board computer set up for my car? it works but is totally in accurate. for example the digi clock always reads 0mph and when it decides to change its about 50mph out, the mpg reads 19.0 all the time and its also aways -20*c in my car according to the dash :lol: any ideas where i can get it done and how much? thanks lads
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