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  1. Lol, I've got too many projects on the go but it still keeps me going. I live in Manchester and went down to the Derby to collect the parts. Cheers, anything older than 10 years old will get a cat c or d marker on thenm. Cheers guys. Sorry in the delay in getting an update over to you guys. I've had a change in working career so its been all over the place lately. I got the front panel sandblasted and it cleared out all the corrosion but the panel wasn't as clean as i first thought but it will do as something to use. I bought new engine mounts but the front was fine as it was a poly bushed but the rear one was goosed and needed replacing. I gave it a good service, the oil didnt look that old but i thought i would be nice to treat to it to so fresh stuff: The driver's side fog light had snapped so i manage to take 2 bad ones and make one good one: Yesterday i managed to get the body puller off my friend and started to hammer, smash and pull the inner wing out. Before it got too dark i managed to get it to a point where it could pass and it all lines up but i need to pull it out abit more as i'm not completely happy: I've bought a new wing and front panel which are in the same colour so will save some time on paint so will see how they match up when they come.
  2. The front panel i picked up the other day was grubby and scabby so i decided to stripped down, get it sand blasted and a lick of powder coating. Will cost me £80 but at least i know that it'll stay rot free for a while.
  3. Cheers guys, not one for breaking cars unless it is the umtilmately the last resort. Just trying to get all the necessary bits for it to be completed.
  4. Hi guys, I bought this VR6 on Copart the other day that had a light right front damage. Its a 93 L reg with 195k on the clock in Flame Red. By the looks of things, the car looks like with Toyo tyres all round and has Weitec suspension as well. When i bought the car, i didnt know how much mileage the car has as the battery was flat and there was no way in the bonnet as it was jammed from the crash. A small introduction with a lump hummer and the bonnet released. I then found out that the auxiliary belt had snapped and got caught in the tensioner. I made a trip to Derby yesterday to pick up some replacement parts and picked up a service kit. I bought a bonnet, driver's wing, slam panel, bumper, headlight and some other little bits. The wing needs painting as well the slam panel but its in purple and its a bit crusty in places so needs sand blasting. I got started today and first thing on the list was to put the belt on. The old belt had got caught in the tensioner and this is how it looked: Before it got dark i changed the bonnet, took off the wing and slam panel: My camera wouldn't flash so i couldnt take any more pics so y plan is to get the front inner arch pulled out, so some painting and get the car upto speed, will keep you all posted.
  5. Just a quick up date, got the VIC test done last weeks so its now ready for the road barring some road tax, but im thinking of selling it no and waiting for something a little more tidier to come along, but not too sure yet so will keep you posted.
  6. Cheers mate, your car is looking really nice not too sure if i have the patiences like you. Yeah, i've seen how they handle the cars a bit gun ho like. Bought a few cars from there and fuel is not the only thing they nick. Brian (the MOT tester) always has a good look for me and fortunately this one is a good one.
  7. im based in Manchester, where abouts are you?
  8. Car failed its MOT toady, 2 headlight bulbs, number plate bulb and a loose side repeater. Not bad eh, 15 minutes and its ready for the retest. VIC test is booked in next week so its looking good.
  9. Bought an interior last week and it looks like i've been slightly duped. The door cards were cloth ones and the front head rest are from a mk1 golf so i need a full set of black leather door cards and 2 leather headrest if any one has?
  10. I hope so, does look alot better. Cheers Cheers and thanks for checking for me. I wanted to get in touch with the last owner to see what work he had done to it and if he got the service book. If his membership lapsed i will have to write to him.
  11. Cheers Thanks Cheers It was mainly the bonnet that made it look bad but its turned out alright Cheers ---------- Post added at 11:43 PM ---------- Previous post was at 11:40 PM ---------- Oh yes! it cost £500 including fees, what do you make of that?
  12. Well after a planned afternoon of getting a load of stuff done, i only managed to get half of it done. The car didnt get MOT'd today but will do on monday but i did get it looking more like a normal car: Here's the parts i got last night: And so it starts: Something has rotted here!!! And on we go: And so we start: And there it is: Need to get my mate to sort out the alignment and sort some stuff out regarding the body work. The leather interior i got last night didnt come with the proper door cards so i think i need to get in touch with the guy to sort something out.
  13. Cheers, will get some pics up later after i have done the front end. I know, was contemplating breaking it but i always think cars like this need a second chance, lol. Yeah, the car was based in Long Eaton. Dont know why he broke the car as it still is MOT'd and taxed!!
  14. As i was washing the VR before i left the car running and when i had finished and jumped back in the heaters were blowing hot air. I moved the dial from cold to hot and it made a little difference between temperature, any ideas how to fix this?
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