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  1. I ordered some last year, they make a big difference by the way, and they took less than 11 days to get to me in Germany! I'd try contacting their (awful) customer services and see what the score is.
  2. Ha! Forgot all about me posting this. Thankfully, I only had to pay £400. So despite having the morale high-ground in doing my job...I did have an accident, it was my fault etc etc, so paying 'only' £400 isn't too bad.
  3. I never really understand these, "How reliable is your/the/my Corrado?" posts. :| I can only speak of my own experience, but my Corrado is reliable and has never really let me down. The only concern that people might have, and it is a valid one, is if the high running costs. The VR6 especially seems to demand a high premium on parts - especially if someone hasn't looked after it, or done what I like to call 'preventive maintenance' ;)
  4. Is it me, or is the R32 the exception to the rule? It appears to me recently the price of big petrol engine'd cars like these have dropped quite a lot, whereas the R32 still holds its value?
  5. 1. I'm good with weapons 2. I've written off a police-car 3. I've had a fight with a highly-trained Iranian national badass. And lost.
  6. Hi guys, As I'm selling the car, I've been looking through all the paperwork I have on it; something I've not done since Sept 2007 when I bought the car...since then I've just been adding paperwork to the pile so to speak. I discovered that including me, and the previous two owners, it looks like we've spent some £10k during its life! This obviously doesn't include petrol or insurance. More interestingly, in early 1995, my Corrado had 4500 miles on it and was bought by a guy who traded his Fiat Tipo GT in (for £4000) and bought my car for £20,500! I never really realised they cost that much! In 1995, that was a hell of a lot of money for a 2nd hand/nearly new Volkswagen!
  7. For my Corrado, I've always used VW's G12++. I used to change and flush this every season as the winters back in Germany were foooookin' harsh and the summers actually quite hot.
  8. The reason that hire cars get abused is due to to one simple reason: the fastest car in the world is a car that doesn't belong to you.
  9. Was glad to finally get the time off to give the car a good going over and take these photos. It was even better to take advantage of a rare sunny day! :D
  10. I don't know where you live mate, but Cambridgeshire County Council (last time we had to claim for this) even had a specific form for it! New alloy and low profile tyre...cheers ez. D.
  11. Found out that it wasn't the handbrake cables at all (which are working fine), it was the rear discs that had somehow done some crazy shiz after all the mental weather we've had over here...I get the call tomorrow on how much its going to cost me!
  12. Shittums. Think this has just happened to me. My passenger-side rear caliper has seized and the alloy wheel is HOT as hell. Guess I need to call my local VW dealership tomorrow. :?
  13. Have to give a 20min theory lesson (no Powerpoint) on any non-militay subject I choose. Thought about doing one on the Corrado itself, but don't really know enough about it. Can't do it on policing stuff (as they'll all be coppers too) or weapons etc as it'll turn into a weapons lesson which is another thing altogether. Anyone know an awful lot about doing an oil change? Was thinking I could spin this subject out for 20mins. Just need a little help; like details and differences on oil types (10w/40 vs 10/50 etc), prep, tools and baffle 'em with a bit of basic science. Cheers
  14. :epicfail: Don't worry mate, one of my mates wondered what the button under the dash was and pressed it, switching the shiftlight off! Its back on now, working fine, and is still a great bit of kit. :D
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