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  1. ok right royal mail have quoted me £24 which is 2 day del tracked and signed for with £100 protection or parcel2go which are using UPS quoted me £29.15 for 2 day del not signed for no tracking Id go royal mail personally if this is all ok please let me know and ill PM you my Bank details for the £124 total cheers stu.....
  2. £100 for all the parts but the postage is going to be high wheres your postcode so i can weight it and price it up cheers stu im cb7 5xz
  3. hi sorry for the delay make me an offer that i cant refuse (pleasew no silly offers im no rush to sell it ) ive tried looking on the internet for a rough price but cant find one cheers stu
  4. weekend bump if im miles off with prices guys make me a offer i can only say no but i would kinda like near as on the foam and injectors the rest well its all brand new just gathering dust have a good weekend all cheers stu ...
  5. sorry easypops sold thanks for the interest
  6. i only had the one set and yes Gotvach has bought the set failing that your second in line to purchase although i cant see the deal falling thought there are brand new still sat in the marshal box i see what ive done i put X2 to indicate 2 mirrors and you thought it was x2 sets my bad
  7. Hi Grant No its ok as per forum rules you have stated you want them so there yours if you want to collect I'm away next weekend but can hold onto them to save postage I'm sure we arrange something between us im CB75XZ where are you ?? Essex ?? other wise i can arrange postage i prefer sign for but if you want to risk it ill just obtain proof of postage but the risk is all yours so to speak how much do you trust RM cheers stu ..
  8. i have a brand new set of 20mm bonnet foam from sprinter53 for early G60 never used or fitted due to other projects now ive sold the car so grab a bargain well slightly cheaper but like I say it never came out the package only to photo it but its available now +PP for photos look at my listing parts for sale sprinter53 sorry for hijacking a part sale and admins if this is not per forum rules feel free to remove it no harm cheers stu .
  9. hi gaz have sent you a PM total cost is £16.40 for postage 2 working days so total is £166.40 payable to my bank details in PM heers stu ..
  10. can you pay by bank transfer otherwise it has to go through the missus PP then i get it off her also keep onto your money its bank hols monday so i wont be able to do anything till tues the item is yours i wont sell it under you as per forum rules you was the first to reply cheers stu p.s gaz whats your postcode and addy so i can get a quote
  11. im cb7 5xz and no i wont take £150 posted they where £225 when i bought them so £150 a fair deal sort out your own post and there yours or ill get a quote
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