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  1. Have no idea, normally it's the rear sliders that brake but you can get these from a mk3 golf so at the moment easy to get hold of, the front ones will come up as and when someone is breaking a corrado, the reason i need one is that I have the sunroof out at the moment and eager to get it back in asap.
  2. Restoring my storm, got a mk3 golf sunroof so replaced the rear sliders but the front ones are different, if anyone has one that's all good please let me know. Phil
  3. Suspension and springs from GSF http://www.gsfcarparts.com/455vg0380 , the car still isn't ready to roll yet and I know it will feel different with poly bushes, I kept the rear bushes as standard rubber as I know the rear has a small amount of rear steer from the original setup and don't want to change this, saying this I do have the poly bushes which i didn't fit so will be selling these at some point.. PM if you are interested in them.
  4. Hi Jim, all original so bilstein and normal height springs, really want to keep her as original as I can, I have changed the speakers and the head unit also removed the air box a while ago, but anything that I changed from standard I have kept so can always go back. ;)
  5. So Still have some more work to do and will update some more pics once I have time, but next is the sunroof and internal stuff that is driving me nuts.... sorry the pics aren't in order :)
  6. So a few have asked for some pics so here you go for the first batch more to come Wheel refurb by wheel wizard Calipers refurb by bigred Seats and new headliner by Tim the stitch All new suspension steering rack and braided hoses Resprayed by D and B coach works. Headlight re-wire
  7. So I have a number of pics of the project, where is the best place to add them? Here or in the gallery?
  8. I'm just going through restoring my storm, also mystic blue, don't throw that stero away, I've kept everything from standard so can always go back to the original later on, also changed the speakers kept everything the same size and also keeping the "Nokia" speakers that I took out....
  9. Hi Jim, Just checked back on old invoices, I went for the premium paint in blue, total cost was £260, but look really good, I hade to file back where the pads move but really happy with them, they replace all the gubbins too.
  10. Thank you to you all for more info on this, I want to keep everything as standard as I can, I rang the stealers today and they stopped making the repair kit in December, so if I get the mk3 golf sunroof can I just remove the sliders from it and install in mine? Is it the same sliders and cable? Looking to do this on Saturday so will get one this week if this is the case, if not then if I install the whole sunroof system with my metal sunroof is it an exact fit? Do you have to change the motor over? Sorry for all the questions but I know a lot of you will have already done this and although a lot of information out there I don't want to go down the wrong road as trying to do this the best I can
  11. Will do, have pictures all the way through the project, just spoke to the stealers about the sunroof repair kit, seems they stopped making them in Dec so now looking for another replacement, do the mk3 golf ones fit?
  12. Hello all, I've been a member for a while but never posted before, so nice to meet you all. So a little about me and my car... So I work in London and also team manage a Nissan Primera BTCC car for a number of years, also will hopefully managing a new team next year in the BTCC very much into my cars and motorbikes. Anyway back to the interesting stuff ;) So bought the car back in 2000, one previous owner and use it for low mileage driving and decided last year to take it off the road and start the restoration, so replaced all bushes, suspension, steering rack, braided hoses and a full re spray, looking really good. replaced the "Nokia" speakers didn't even know they made them and changed the head unit, kept all the original stuff so can put back to total standard. Original bbs alloys have been resprayed also sent the calipers off to big red, and now in blue �� My attention has now moved do the little niggles that affect us all, so need your advise/help on the following Sunroof, took this apart and the runners are broken so do you know if the stealers still sell these? Once sorted I have a new head liner to fit, just want to get everything working on her. Fan blower, I have replaced the thermal fuse and bypassed it too but still only blowing on 4, I have bridged the connection on the control switch and seems you can get it to work on 4 but not on the other settings? So is this a switch issue? Next is sorting out the heated seats, think this will just be a broken wire but should hopefully be an easy fix. Any help will be much appreciated, I know a there are repair guides for some of the above, but the fan thing is doing my nut in!!
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