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  1. Its awesome mate, awesome! You got yours? ---------- Post added at 4:56 AM ---------- Previous post was at 4:50 AM ---------- Its awesome mate, awesome! You got yours?
  2. Ok managed to get some decent pics of her on the weekend, hope you like ;)
  3. Thats because there isnt a coupe yet Kev, the 2 series is replacing it and there is going to be an M235i by the looks of it. Part of the reason I didnt go with the 1M was due to the prices not falling, and the running costs are a lot greater, plus as a daily the ride, economy, performance and general running of the M135i makes more sense.
  4. Yep you read right, a Honda Prelude Mk5!! :) Bought this as a run around whilst waiting for my M135i and need rid now. So if anyone is after a cheap, good, run around let me know. Here is the ad from PH: http://www.pistonheads.com/classifieds/used-cars/honda/prelude/honda-prelude-mk5-vti-1997/1127372 New price £750! Car can be in Oxford (Carterton) or Swansea, or anywhere in between. There is some rust on rear drivers arch and drivers door at B-pillar. This is a lovely silver Prelude, 185 BHP, in excellent condition with low mileage and owners. The car benefits from a few additional items which a previous owner has added: CD/MP3/Bluetooth/USB/DAB ready stereo Window tints (not dark) Induction kit HID headlights The alloys were refurbed last year and it had a major service including new plugs etc by the last owner (who I know). Also replaced were the rear discs and pads, plus new front pads. MOT is until April 2013 - can put a new MOT on for the right price. Tax until July 2013 The car really is in excellent condition and wont disappoint. Standard kit is listed below: Interior features: Air conditioning Cupholders Folding rear seat Front and rear head restraints Height adjustable driver's seat Leather steering wheel Lockable glovebox Passenger seat back pocket Tilt adjustable steering wheel 2 additional tweeters 4 speakers Cruise control Digital clock Four wheel steering Lights on warning PAS Remote fuel filter/tailgate release Tachometer Wood trim Exterior features: Body colour bumpers Body colour door handles Body colour exterior mirrors Body colour rear spoiler Electric door mirrors Electric sunroof Headlight adjustment Heat absorbing green glass Heated door mirrors High level brake light Integral rear antenna Power windows Twin exhaust pipes Alloy wheels Space saver spare wheel I am willing to listen to offers at the price listed, but if you look around you will see that this is already a very low price.
  5. Its manual, cant stand autos even as good as it is. Its the best bang per buck for the money. Scirocco R, Golf R, S3 etc dont come close really.
  6. Yeah, I think its due to the bulge in the centre of it, annoying!
  7. Not been on here for ages, but for those who remember me I thought I'd share my latest pride and joy. As you can see its a bit different to a Rado ;) I have been away with work a lot so only picked it up this week (19 March) but Im now a VERY happy bunny, WHAT A CAR!!!! Unfortunately I haven't had time to take decent pics yet, so you'll have to make do with some phone pics for now, but I'm sure you all know what a beast it is anyway ;)
  8. Jay, do a search on 'home made soda blaster' and watch the vids ;)
  9. And so it starts!!! lol I have to admit, I keep looking too!!
  10. Sorry mate, but it I have to disagree. I changed mine to a 24v and actually added value to it. You can spend money putting a 12v in it, or refurbing your one, but it wont add any value, although it may keep the value where it is. A 24v conversion may, or may not, add some money to the price of the car but that all depends if someone will pay for it or not so its a bit of a risk. When I did mine the cost of the conversion wasnt actually that much more than fixing my 12v, hence my decision. Also, the added benefits of the 24v helped make my decision. If you've never driven a 24v then try and get in one, I can guarantee you wont want a 12v afterwards. Lastly, dont get hung up on the Storm holding loads of money, they dont unless they are low mileage and in excellent condition. The only differences between a standard VR and Storm are some badges, alloys and the colour (Blue with black leather, Green with cream leather) - that really is it. Anyone who knows Corrado's will also know that, and anyone who is buying Corrado's these days knows Corrado's. ---------- Post added at 10:33 PM ---------- Previous post was at 10:32 PM ---------- My 2.8 worked very well indeed!!! I know its not an R32 but its not all about the size :D
  11. Shame we didnt see you Jay, would've been good to catch up mate. What you driving now? Anyway, here are some pics we took: https://picasaweb.google.com/114408640767006698105/VWNW2011?authkey=Gv1sRgCITw4LypidrLEA
  12. Paul, Judith he says he has membership already???? I'll get him to confirm his number, but if not then it shouldn't be an issue to renew. He lives in Kirkham, Preston by the way.
  13. Cars looking lovely still Gareth. You going to Tatton mate?
  14. I love the fact that I started this thread in 2005 and its still going strong :) http://psituning.com/media%20show%20page/Media%20Customer%204.html
  15. You've probably met him anyway Paul as he's been on the VAG seen for a few years and has also been with me when I was on the stand, Dave Gaskell is his name. I'm not sure if he's in CCGB anymore but will ask him tomorrow. Thanks mate. Stan
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