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  1. Thank you very much for so many good ideas. I will do it like you explain👍 Do anyone have some ideas on this. This part on the door is gone🤣is the some spare parts for this? The bad one is from the right door and the good one from the other side
  2. Some rust, but not as much as i though. what do you think?
  3. This one has not been driven much , Only 76000 km in the display😊 Taken everything apart inside just to clean up everything👍 and to rinse that beige leather interior
  4. Hello and greetings all corrado owners😊 we stored our vw corrado g60 1991 on the barn for 16 years and hoping we will get her on the road again. we are huge vw classic and specific Corrado fans Here on the trailer watch the sun for the first time in 16 years Third down picture from the early 2000 and she was shining
  5. Do you meen alarm? sorry my English😖 we have to change and get new locks with key all around the car including the barrel inside yes.
  6. Hi do anyone know if the ignition switch from example golf mk2 fit the Corrado? unfortunately we can not find the right key for our Corrado it has been stored for 16 years and we are restoring it
  7. Hi do someone know how simular 1989 is to 1991 modell or what the big different is i have a 91 modell and thinking aboat purchase a 89 modell for some standard parts
  8. Hi. A question We had our Corrado G60 stored for like 15 years and have taken it out now :) I wonder how uniqe the ECU are becouse it has a trim chip inside but will make i original again. unfortunately we cant find the orignial chip so we have two option. 1. purchase a original chip and install it 2. purchase a simular original ECU and plug it in. will the mileage change if we put in and whole ECU or is the milage uniqe in the cluster? We don`t want to mess around with the milage on this becouse it is very low :)
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