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  1. just a little bump for this, DVLA now says the tax expired on the 1st of May 2011 ... hope that doesn't mean its dead! Anyone know? I'd love to find out where its been since it left my hands.
  2. Just wondering if anyone might have seen, or even own my old red valver - G208 GVN. Its been an absolute age since I posted on here, having not been a Corrado owner for what must be getting on for 3 years now. I'm working on rectifying that though and with a bit of luck next year I should be back in the club... meantime, I'd love to know where the old girl ended up. DVLA site seems to think its due to be taxed in December so it sounds like its still knocking about somewhere?
  3. ohh flaps, that looks a bit bent mate, much structural damage?
  4. TBH its a bit of a 'big gay spoiler' for my tastes anyway (although its the one from the m3) so if I cant cheaply and easily fix it I'll probably get the bolt holes filled and sprayed and got without, its only a 316 FFS, despite my best efforts I've not managed to get the back out yet so I doubt it needs any extra downforce really! :lol:
  5. I'd thought about that too, like that liquid cement type stuff, I just have a feeling with the spoiler material being pretty pourus its going to be hard to get it to bond. and here I was thinking a spoiler that doesn't go up and down would be less hassle! its all well and good til the bloody thing falls off :(
  6. er... no, a BMW boot spoiler
  7. this isn't related to corrado's but I know theres some good bodywork skills amongst the members so I thought it would be worth asking... My new motor has a boot spoiler which is totally split at the two rear mounting points, where the screws go through the boot lid in to the spoiler. As a result its all loose and obviously needs fixing. From what I can see its made from some fairly solid yellow foam type substance and I was wanting to know the best way of fixing it. Would something like foam adhesive work and hold well enough? it looks like someones had a go in the past with what appears to be no-more-nails!
  8. I'm mobile again! *jump* *jump* Just thought I'd show you lot my new wheels, I'm ashamed to say I've abandoned VAG this time in favour of another fine german make, BMW. I did consider a valver, but finding a good one at a reasonable price was almost impossible, MK2's were out too since they're all a bit long in the tooth now and having had a MK3, I didn't want another :gag: There was no pose factor involved in my choice, I don't think anyone could consider what is now a 8 year old car in a body style that has had 3 revisions, pose-worthy. Personally I think it still looks alright, nothing on the style of the Corrado for sure but its a damn sight better than alot of the other cars in the price range! Its only the 316, but its a nice balance of economy and just enough performance to be fun... and I do mean only just enough! Being rear wheel drive makes things a bit more interesting, I've already lost the back on a damp road which was a bit of a hairy moment! The drive is great though, I'd put it on par with my old valver in terms of handling and 'feel'. The colours actually darker than it looks in this photo, more of a metallic military green, I'm still not 100% sure if I like it or not, its not offensive but it wouldn't have been my first choice had there been another one the same condition in another colour. No modification plans for it, I don't intend on keeping it that long and I've a feeling this sort of car will sell better utterly standard.
  9. thats another conversation entirely! :lol:
  10. yeah i read something about the blocks on the 6cyl engines being affected by sulphur in crappy petrol and needing to be replaced, something about the cylinders not bedding in properly and ending up with poor idle and being down on power - only solution was a new block! apparently it was more of a problem 'in northern england' so its a good job I'm going for a 4pot really. I've seen a few late 97/98 cars with the m-tech kit now, some had full leather, some half and some just cloth. I do like the m-tech look but I dont think I'll be putting any 'M' badges on it, thats just daft IMO! as for the leather, in a 10+ year old car it quite often looks scruffy unless its been properly looked after so I'm not really that fussed. Just looking for a good 'un really, theres loads about!
  11. I wondered how long it'd take before that one came up! I can assure you I wont be a stereotypical bmw driver ;) I do prefer the look of the e30 to be fair, its a bit more 'classic', but finding a good one is alot harder than finding a good e36
  12. not worth paying over the odds for then ;) I'm finding it hard to find anything negative about them on the internet, I guess that proves they're the sort of thing I'm after :)
  13. I fancy either the coupe or the saloon, the coupe looks a lot nicer but there don't seem to be as many good ones about where as I'm spoilt for choice with saloons and there's even a few within budget with 60k miles on them! Most of the ones I've looked at have been the '1.9' versions, I wasn't sure what the deal was there, did they just up the cc in the later engines? I've also seen a few with 'rare' m-tech kit/wheels, is that as rare as a corrado with a karmann interior? :lol:
  14. A change of job means that I'll need to be visiting clients and have to travel outside of major bus routes to get to the office, so I'm in the market for a set of wheels again. A corrado is out of the question this time around, insurance on a VR is prohibitive and I want something a bit newer than a valver or g60, so I've been looking at late model (98/99) e36 BMW's. My budget will get me a decent enough car and so long as I stick to the 1.8's the insurance is pretty good, although the engines are the 'lesser' 4 pots. Thing is, I know very little about them other than the fact they're a really good drive. Anyone got any tips, advice, interesting facts or anything else remotely related to say?
  15. 19" Maybach rims? OEM? :lol: on a Maybach maybe! They look superb though, really suit the car
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