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  1. Now sold
  2. Original BBM RSR supercharger outlet kit for G60. Bought from Only Charged Dubs in November 2018 but never opened. All items in the kit are still in the plastic packaging they were delivered in. Kit includes machined outlet with bolt, black silicone hose, black tube and both clamps. £150 including uk postage.
  3. I am making my debut in the Legends Championship at Brands Hatch on November 7/8th, suporting the British Supertrucks. I've never raced on circuits before, only driven the car for about 10 laps in February and only found out there was space on the grid a week ago so very unprepared but determined to be there. (Once we've bolted the car back together) So come and say hello if you're at the circuit, and check out our website if you're interested in racing. http://www.legend88.net Twitter @uklegend88
  4. One in black for me too please. Been meaning to search for these for ages.
  5. Spotted a black C with polished Porka wheels parked on a driveway in Bedfont this morning. Nice looking car.
  6. LANCING! SAW ONE IN LANCING! Maroon in colour. Either a G60 or something else.
  7. Aye, that was me on my way to work. What a disgusting time of day to be on the M25! Cheered me up getting a wave tho. ---------- Post added at 8:37 PM ---------- Previous post was at 8:37 PM ---------- Aye, that was me on my way to work. What a disgusting time of day to be on the M25! Cheered me up getting a wave tho.
  8. Just received mine and its turned up in mint condition by courier. Very pleased with it.
  9. I have the wider version of the newer black and gold range arriving tomorrow. I am an aircraft engineer, so our boxes are being wheeled around the hangar a lot every day. Someone I work with has had the blue HD version for a few years and its good as new.
  10. I was wondering if the enclosed wheels are to accommodate clever things on both sides of the wheel. Regeneration thingys and such.
  11. Are the enclosed wheels for technical reasons or do they think it looks futuristic?
  12. I have the standard steering wheel and it does the same thing quite often, so maybe not your wheel.
  13. I would like to have another car to use as a daily but the additional cost of another set of tax, mot, insurance and maintenance all adds up. For me, at the moment at least, it is a choice between owning a Corrado as my daily diver or not owning a corrado at all.
  14. You are spoilt. Maybe that's the way to go. 3 or 4 Corrados. Then you could drive one while cleaning the rest and keep the mileage down on each one.
  15. That's another thing. It is reliable because I have changed the majority of things that can go wrong on it. It has cost a fair bit of money to get to that point but I have done everything but the charger rebuilds myself. Modern day cars so reliant on electrics and sensors that I wouldn't have been able to do half the jobs myself and that would've cost a lot more. I know that if it needs a new CVJ/wheel bearing/pump or anything else, the chances are its possible to do in my garage for the cost of the parts.
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