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  1. Hey, do you still have the Roof lining and sunroof mechanism? Is the sunroof still working?
  2. Do you still have the roof lining? what condition is it in?
  3. Hey... couple of questions... 1. is this still for sale? 2. Will this fit a late spec VR6?
  4. We all hate rust... so i've decided to get the cancerous metal eating scum cut out... work has already begun! :)
  5. How much would it cost to ship a bonnet?
  6. Do you happen to have a good condition, rust free late bonnet?
  7. I didn't have the tool... I bought one off the back of this.
  8. is the bonnet still available? if so, what condition is it in?
  9. That's what happened with mine after the mechanic replaced the sparks :-(
  10. Damn.... I should have waited before ordering the Magnicores now... Oh well... As long as I'm firing on all cylinders I'm happy...!
  11. Thought i'd bring this thread back from the dead... i need to prep the car for a euro trip in June... work to be done! :)
  12. you can't skimp on quality... shame really...!
  13. found a set of Magnacores... ordered... :) thanks guys
  14. So my ignition leads are buggered and there are a fair few out there, so can anyone suggest what the best available VR6 ignition leads are and where i can get them? Thanks!
  15. i don't know how i'm 5th! i've not made any changed since starting!
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