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  1. Hi all There seems to be more 2's than 1-8's about, but I'm sure I read or heard that the 2's are a bit more torquey than top end like the 1.8.....is this right? Will 1.8 cams in a 2.0 head make the 2.0 deliver the same?
  2. Looks like youre making progress, price isn't bad if youre happy with the work and have used him before.
  3. What's the benefit of the handbrake and console mods?
  4. Ah yeah I see what you mean. Usual scabby bits!
  5. So what's the score with the bodywork? Looks straight and true from the pics. I have a grey car and don't like it...but I have to admit, suits the rado shape very nicely. Still keeping tabs on this in the vein hope I can have another one day!
  6. Certainly an improvement on the standard sebrings, agree with ditching the black on black though, good shout
  7. Hmm is it deadened underneath then? Either ripit out and replace or yeah, bathroom sealant! Just clean the rust up ;-)
  8. Ha! Selotape a 2p behind there and weld it up :-)
  9. Good work, nice productive day!! Can only think those 3 holes were to drain a waterlog previously? Not a common issue though so a bit weird.
  10. Until I have the money I'll probably explore many more opportunities. But when I think about it, the rado was the coolest most fun car I've ever owned.
  11. Seanl82, I have made up my mind about my next car umpteen times: 330ci 540i M5 Mazda MPS 306 GTI6 205 GTI MK4 4mo Merc SEC 500 Not to mention the corrados in all shape and form lol
  12. This is the attraction. I do 8 miles to and from work and have a family diesel for day trips. KR still wins my vote. Its only really the noise of a VR that is tempting me. I don't need 190bhp.....
  13. I have but poo pooed it as they are notorious for needing too much maintenance. I'm quite a lazy owner that likes to tinker
  14. Lol I'm not allowed one until I'm married....in september! I'm holding out hope of finding one for a tun that's perfect lol
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