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  1. I have some 16v parts for sale corrado rear parcel shelf custom made replica of the orginal, solid fits as the original just no hold ups due to weight, comes with pair of jbl gto 6x9 speakers fitted. covered in black material pics can be sent if needed. £100 https://ibb.co/pw3HYrn https://ibb.co/b3YgQS9 https://ibb.co/QN6nsyV https://ibb.co/d0HP7jX 16v original fuel assembly swirlpot, holder, kjet pump and bracket it attaches to under car with fuel lines attached but not the full lines included. beacket has rust but can be cleaned coated. working condition pumps working good too. £150 https://ibb.co/0cpSrhh https://ibb.co/zG9vYGQ https://ibb.co/vD4Qpcd 16v original fuel tank with lift pump still in tank comeplete in condition. £50 vr6 fuel tank the bigger 70l tank good condition clean no pump included. £50 https://ibb.co/pXSbcFS https://ibb.co/yWHSHmw location west midlands Thanks
  2. Hi 20vt goes well for sure, ill post some pics soon, the walbro will be 6bar+ so should be plenty to feed the fuel. i have 4bar fpr so either way it will be restricted to 4bar i have bosch 550cc injectors and hybrid ko4 with jabbasport manifold hoping once this fueling is sorted and i can get time on rollers i hope to see 320bhp+ not looking to push anymore altho they claim 350hp on hybrid. see what my mapper says. Engines fully rebuilt forged rods etc so should ok. Thanks for all your help sanj
  3. Hi Si, Firstly thank you for your detailed reply just the info i needed your a star! Sorry i should have said my corrado has 20vt in bay so due to my current fuel pump kr under car with filter is soo old the screws on the pump have almost perished and matter of time before major leak. the brack which holds it all as we know rusts so much its not in good state this is why i am planning vr6 corrado tank into mine may be walbro intank pump to replace original fuel pump thats in the vr6 swirl pot and remove undercar set up with just fiel filter. i have been told others have done this on corrados or mk2s and walbro being uprated will be sufficient to feed my 4bar fpr on 1.8t. if all works i post update either way Cheers Si 😀
  4. Hi, its been some time since i have done any upgrades but now my 16v h plate corrado fuel pump is old i need to upgrade. My question if any one can help me, can i upgrade fuel tank from current 16v 1990 to corrado vr6 tank or is my only option mk3 golf vr6 tank where i know the walbro fuel pump intank fits. i have been told vr6 corrado fuel tanks will fit and same as mk3 dimensions ? my current tank 16v has lift pump intank and under car kr kjet pump in swirl pot and fuel filter.
  5. Hi just wondering if your brembo breaks are still for sale?

  6. Hello, i’m new to the forum and searching for brake upgrades

    Are these still available?




  7. For sale set of Brembo calipers and 305mm discs with pads adapters and bolts. Good condition originally from a seat cupra hopefully pics will work! Bargain at £400
  8. I have double checked and they are 61/2 J X 15 ET33 15 x 6.5 sorry for the error Thanks
  9. I will double check them and update
  10. Hi sorry 15 x 7 Tyres 15" Walsall west midlands Thanks
  11. For sale 4 x BBS Alloys 3 tyres are toyo proxes and 1 unknown brand 1 alloy has curb damage few scuffs on some alloys as can be seen in pictures for sale due to bigger break set up they wont fit over Brembos now been used for motorway journeys and local driving now stored in my garage need space asap £150 collection WS1 Thank You [ATTACH=CONFIG]77622[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]77623[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]77624[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]77625[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]77626[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]77627[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]77628[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]77629[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]77630[/ATTACH]
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