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  1. Today i took off automatic wire off from fuse box and yes it is correct wire checked 3 times. So i could use even manual option. Still lowering randomly my spoiler any options whats wrong?
  2. My wire speedometer works fine. Mfa/digitally speedometer only rising and stops. Digital speedometer rising while im parking and do about 3000rpm revs. also noticed that if i manually rise spoiler while parking and give some rpm 3000-3500 spoiler goes down. Ill check those connections next week and let you know.
  3. My corrado spoiler worked last summer perfectly, went up at 120km/h and down 20-60km/h didnt watch that much. But now its going up and down continously, doesnt matter what speed i'm driving. Manual button works. MFA ''secret menu'' switch position 2 and point 4 should be Signal from speed sensor, and its only rising whole time, should it show your speed or what? I was thinking spoiler control module get wrong signal from speed. Or where should i start to look my problem?
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