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  1. Thanks for the tip! i checked but no part.number , only 1-1 and 7/ 1992
  2. i have a problem with my sunroof motor cover, in no way it want to fit. it looks like the motor is to thick/high ? i have the 6 pin motor in a 1994 are there more variations of this 6 pin motor?
  3. Hi Guys, i am working on my new Corrado project and have a problem with the sunroof motor cover. its a 1994 , was standing in a garage for a long time. when i bought the car the last owner had already changed the sunroof frame( i dont know from which vw but everything looks the same as the old frame , it came with the car) and it was just a matter of putting everything back, i thought..... Everything went fine, roof is working and i thought i finished the job but then saw there was no possible way to get the sunroof motor cover back . It looks like the motor is to thick? it is the one with the 6 pins. Anyone who can help me solve this mystery? i will try to put some images here
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