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  1. He must be on here not sure of his user name but he's arrived back in Manchester safe and sound
  2. The car has just been sold for 4500 thanks for all the interest peeps. A gent from Manchester called Dan came down and is currently driving it up north.
  3. He did but he was looking for a minter and although mines nice it's not Mint all round. Think a mint storm would cost a hell of a lot more than mine. Another member has given me a deposit pending getting funds in and coming to look. Cheers Jim
  4. Thanks for the interest guys. I'm changing price to 4500 set price rather than offers but I won't budge under as it includes the box of goodies...
  5. Hi I've had alot of interest and have 3 people wanting to buy up to 4750.




  6. Hi how much are you asking thank you

  7. All top advice thanks guys. There has been a lot of interest already. Thanks for the interested parties. Jim
  8. Mark if I had a garage still I would be doing just that! But it kills me looking at it in the rain!
  9. True! We'll see how it goes. Just updated main post with more info. I've done so much to it over the years it's hard to remember it all!
  10. Haha I've still got a sell it though so it's worth what's offered! Didn't want to be greedy so I thought offers above maybe fairer. Someone's coming Saturday to look.
  11. Ok guys well I want to sell but not in massive rush. Maybe I'll ask for offers above 4000 then.
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