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  1. Hi there, im looking for a Differential pressure sensor valve part number VW 034133482 or Bosch 2437020009 for my 1993 2.0 16v mine is leaking fuel :( i have tried changing the o'rings but its still leaking :( many thanks for your help
  2. Thank you, i will take the sensors out tomorrow just to double check the part numbers on them, as i've noticed that my front sensor is black and the rear one white
  3. Hiya, my oil warning light has decided to randomly start buzzing, 1993 2.0 16v 9a very intermittently, sometimes it will just buzz the once other times it will buzz for a couple of seconds, sometimes it will do it going round a round-about, today it did it for 2 secs going down a hill :\ some days it doesn't do it at all. oil level is fine, well i say fine its actually a little bit over the max line, maybe this is the problem and draining some out may help? was going to try replacing the two sensors, just wanted to double check these are the correct ones Oil pressure switch 1.8 bar white 056919081E Oil pressure switch including 0.25 bar Blue/Brown 028919081D thankyou :)
  4. Hi there, looking for some help with my car's electrical gremlins ;) 1993 2.0 16v Speedometer stopped working, other dials are fine. changed the speedo sensor, didn't fix problem. Put a multimeter on the plug that connects to the sensor, and whilst i am getting 5v in the middle pin, i am under the understanding i should be getting 12v from the end pins, but im getting 0.02 So guessing this must be the problem, the question is why am i not getting 12v ? The only other thing i was doing the other day before it stopped working was putting a new blower motor in, as the old one had given up. Also one more thing that did happen today, randomly when i turned the key to start the car up, the car sounded like it had a flat battery, and gave an electrical buzz sound and the speedo hand shot up and then back down. Tried starting it up again and it started no problems, however speedo still not working :( Many thanks
  5. will do so now :) many thanks
  6. Hi there, i am looking for some fuel pipes that run from the fuel filter and the fuel pump that have banjo attachments ? for a 93 2.0 16v if you need any more info please let me know, i have a fuel leak from a corroded pipe and the mechanic is having a hard job finding a new pipe, so if you have such a thing, if you could provide a photo and i will pass it on to the mechanic to make sure im asking for the correct parts lol thanks for any help :) or if this helps complete fuel pipe set from the tank to the engine with bolts and copper washers :)
  7. hi there, oh yes please that would be brilliant ! many thanks :)
  8. hi all, looking for a drivers side door handle for a 1993 16v Corrado many thanks :)
  9. thats a shame :( i appreciate your help, looks like the next task then is to try and find another handle ! :\
  10. thankyou for your offer and help. I have pm'd Dave16v to see if he can offer any advice also. and will let you know :)
  11. ah thank you for your help I will go pm him now :)
  12. hi there I was hoping someone may be able to help. door handle suddenly stopped working, so cannot open door from outside, took handle off and had a look to find small piece of metal has broken off, have attached photos. don't know if there Is anything that can be done ? I think this handle is a modded one which was done to prevent the problem that usually breaks, and this was a replacement for that. so it decided to snap elsewhere instead :( its a 1993 16v Corrado many thanks
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