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  1. Thanks Dox. I did try removing the bolt and it fits, but agree, wouldn't want to remove permanently. Interesting about pressure, that was now my concern, but was sort of hoping all pumps would be the same. Think I'll chop it if later and see how it goes!
  2. hopefully the 2 pictures are attached here....
  3. Ye will ask, although i suspect they will just take it back as opposed to grinding off the lug. I guess the query is has anyone else used a 2001 era pump? Was sort of hoping this was a common fix as they without be much more common
  4. Hi, looking for some advice... The power steering pump on my vr6 packed in. I purchased a new one from a local parts supplier, and thought it looked the same, but it actually has an extra lug. All other dimensions seem the same. When trying to fit this lug hits the head of a bolt on the alloy bracket. Do you think i can just lop this off?? The new part number is 91128 and dated 2001 so i would assume a mrk4 golf or similar. The old part is 91115 (date94) Thanks
  5. Looking for the above..... Euro parts seems a lot. Cheap ones on ebay which i might try but would prefer original vw. Also looking fit a coolant bottle so if also available would be keen to buy that too. Thanks
  6. Hi, sorry late wings..... Either splitter will work for me
  7. Hello, looking for some rust free wings. Also a splitter with no cracks! Thanks
  8. Hello, looking for a crankcase breather pipe as I have broken mine! Also an antifreeze bottle would be good. Thanks
  9. Hi. Anyone know what size/colour of plastigauge you use for a 1994 VR6? Thanks
  10. It was definitely torqued and angle tightened. It seems suspicious this is the second time this has happened though. one potential is these bolts were re-used which I know is not great but they had only done 400 miles....although I'm not sure if this would cause the problem or if there is a deeper problem
  11. Well I took the sump of for a wee inspection. Some of the con rod bolts were very loose and one of the bearings had moved and is damaged. Crank looks fine though so I'm quite optimistic here. Im just unsure why this would happen and what to do next. Any thoughts?? I am concerned about these oil jets as I don't remember them so might unbolt gear box and see if I can check they are there
  12. Oil galleries should all be clear. Head, block and crank were all looked over and paraffin bathed by local shop. To get it up to pressure engine was turned without ecu connected. Oil gauge was fitted after first time. Was reading 5 bar when running, dropping to 4 as it ran in driveway. On my longer 12 mile run, was just under 4
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