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  1. Thanks for the input guys. I've been looking around and now I'm stuck between the Sony Z2 and the Samsung S5. Both very similar phone and prob the best out there. In my eyes anyway. I've had it with the iPhone, it just didn't change to much from the 4S. Time for a change. I could always go back if I'm not happy. Thanks again guys. Any more input is more than welcome :)
  2. Hi all. Does anyone own a Sony Xperia Z1. I'm due an upgrade from my iPhone 4S and don't like the 5S, think its time to change brands. I really like the Z1, well the waterproof side of it, Specially now my son has started swimming and love going underwater (at the private pool we use :) ). so would like to take underwater shoots.. I was just wondering what they are like? Cheers Johnny
  3. I know what you mean but I've wanted one for a long time and I've done sooo much research and found that if I find a good one with a good compression test and look after it the way they should be looked after, it will last as long a any car. 231 bhp Rear wheeled drive with a 50/50 weight distribution. Sound good to me.
  4. Your right you did, but at the time I wasn't willing to sell for that. I did then reduce it to £50 at the beginning of January, haven't heard anything since then so I was under the impression no one was interested. I then bumped it for everyone to see which made it far game. First come first served. Sorry mate I just didn't think anyone wanted it Johnny
  5. Thanks mate but don't think I'll need it ;)
  6. Ok mate no worries. Send over your info and I'll get it sorted for Mondays post :)
  7. No sorry mate. I'll keep going for £50 I think.
  8. Sounds lovely mate. Look forward to seeing some pics. I've got my T4 camper and I'm really temped to get an RX8 for some reason :)
  9. Hey mate. Nice to see you've still got her. Hope your enjoying it. Johnny
  10. Your welcome mate. Glad she is running sweet. Still nice to help corrado owners out even thou I haven't got one anymore. The guys on here helped me out so much over the years, I'm just giving something back :) Happy driving Ian
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