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  1. Only minor changes to the quality of the surface. Nothing as far as the size or design was changed. Now there is less bodywork and prep required before paint. We made a new mold from using the carbon fiber version of the rear spoiler which has perfect surfaces.
  2. You need to be patient with Dirk. He does amazing work but as he said its hobby so it can take extra time since this isn't his business/job. Trust me it will be worth the wait. You will end up with a beautifully crafted part. Dirk I agree about EL film that white is not a true white. Almost every backlit car gauge faces from the factory isn't a true white either even if its not using EL film. It doesn't seem to bother too many people since we sold close to a 100 sets of gauge faces last year and most were white. The green and blue that we use are true colors. There was a post awhile back about our early HVAC in green which has and still is available. White was so popular we sold out within days but we have had the green in stock for months now. If you use our gauge faces the one power supply can illuminate both the gauge faces and HVAC faces.
  3. Tax has nothing to do with us or our website. We do not charge taxes. Your country charges import taxes and will bill you once the parts arrive in the UK and are ready to be picked up at your local post office. Shipping costs are shown on the website when you check out. I listed the total price for the rear spoilers including shipping at the top of the page. Thanks Bryan. Its okay to buy from the website now.
  4. Thank you Rich. Happy holidays! I really hope they will be available for sometime. As long as the parent company doesn't contact me about the logo everything is good.
  5. These floor mats are far better than anything the dealer has every offered. Not only in construction and materials but also the embroidery is better. The rubber nib backing is far superior to the foam backing that wears out easily. Unfortunately all of this adds to the overall weight of the mats and that makes shipping expensive. I can talk with my supplier to see if a GB would be possible. We also have the black with yellow logo now. And matching cargo mats for both G60 and VR6 As well as fitted car cover that has a lifetime warranty and comes with the Corrado logo embroidered on the cover and storage bag.
  6. Sorry didn't see this until now. If anyone is interested please checkout our website as its set up for International orders and we can ship direct to the UK. If you have any questions feel free to email me at [email protected]. We now have an updated and improved version of the fiberglass rear spoiler and we are offering it at a discounted price that is listed above.
  7. Scuttle tray in fiberglass £111 and in carbon fiber £123. Trim in fiberglass is £123 and carbon fiber £138.
  8. Thank you Rich for your continued business and support. Hope the parts exceed your expectations.
  9. Everything has been shipped. The first box with 7 splitters was shipped last week as I posted previously and today we shipped the second box with the rest of the parts. The second box went Express shipping which takes 3-5 business days so that it will arrive before or close to the same time as the first shipment. Thank you to everyone for your patience and for your business. The splitters have been shipped folded. Though it looks scary and Bill will be the first to see them. Its perfectly fine since they are made of urethane. Bill will be shipping them out folded as well so please don't be alarmed when you open the package. Put the splitter in the sunlight for 15 minutes and it will take back its original shape. If you don't have sunlight a hair dryer can also be used. They come in raw urethane which does look better painted. You can lightly sand the surface with 320-400 grit sandpaper and use a prep cleaner. We also suggest a adhesion promoter prior to paint. I'm not sure if Rustoleum paint is sold there but if it is they make a truck bed liner that works really well to reproduce a textured finish that looks OEM. If anyone has questions regarding paint or fitment please IM me or email me at [email protected]. Thank you!
  10. This is a fun read. Bill this order was completed weeks ago except for the door sills. I said awhile back that the door sills would hold this up and I am sorry it took longer to get them into production making others wait who didn't even order them. I can't make door sills magically appear and make people work during holiday sorry. Sorry for the delays on things and for the confusion on when the order would go out. The two sets of door sills were just paid for Friday and Saturday of last week. That weekend was Labor Day weekend which is a 3 day holiday here so everyone and everything was closed Monday. I was out of town on holiday and didn't get back until later Tuesday which was not planned that way. We shipped one of two packages today that contains 7 front splitters. The other package with the other 7 splitters and door sills will go out tomorrow because we are waiting for one set of door sills to be completed.
  11. We have this version of the carbon fiber with gloss black top and bottom edges. This version is £143.
  12. Yes that would be possible to fit with the order. Let me talk with Bill to make sure he is okay with arranging to get the parts to you and divide the shipping for these added parts. Please email me at [email protected] and we can finalize things. Thanks you. ---------- Post added at 5:03 AM ---------- Previous post was at 5:00 AM ---------- Finally pics of the Carbon Fiber Door Sills!!! The fitment to the car is perfect. This set has only the Corrado logo but for the same price you can add the model logo as well or have either or both. If you do not want logos at all that is possible as well. Tomorrow I'll have pictures of special version we will be offering.
  13. Sorry for my late reply. I was out of town for a few days. The door sills begun production today. We can make two sets at a time each day. Prices are £114 for gloss black fiberglass. £126 for carbon fiber. They are available with the Corrado logo only or with Corrado logo and model logo. Or with just the model logo. Or without logos at all is £13 off the prices posted. I will have pics of the production parts on Friday. This is a sample of how the Corrado logo will look. Same material will be used for a etched look. Samples of the artwork we are using This is the first production fiberglass sample we made. It has not been trimmed.
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