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  1. Hello all, MOD's please feel free to move to the wheels and tyre thread. I am posting separately as I need a quick answer. Can anyone tell me if Pirelli p slot alloys will fit over the breaks on my 89 16 valve. Have been offered a set as cheep winter wheels. They are the 14/6.5 ones. A quick definitive answer would be much appreciated. Thanks
  2. Thanks for all the reply's but I now have one.
  3. Desperately seeking Later type with a bulge Flash red bonnet to go on my 95 (N reg) car. Looking for something tidy but does not have to be concourse. Please email [email protected] many thanks
  4. awesome guys! Thanks for the links. Will get to it next weekend and print this off i think :) wish me luck! will post the outcome at a later date.
  5. Thanks but wana hang out for one in the right colour. ---------- Post added at 11:28 AM ---------- Previous post was at 11:27 AM ---------- Thanks but wana hang out for one in the right colour.
  6. Hi Guys! I am looking to replace my heater matrix which as far as i'm aware has never been replaced. My corrado is a 16v G reg 90-91". I have a couple of questions before I go ahead with this and was hoping that you may be able to help. Firstly my heater is not working correctly. I have air coming from the heater however it only blows out towards the footwell and towards my face. It will not demist the window. Is this likely to be a cable that has snapped? Does it have heater control cables like the old mk2's golfs? And as for replacing my heater matrix, is there anything you would advise on buying in advance parts wise? Cheers for reading Jazz
  7. Hi, Thanks for your reply. I will find out. ---------- Post added at 10:45 AM ---------- Previous post was at 10:41 AM ---------- Hi There, Think I have already sourced a grille with badge. I will hopefully find out for sure today. Will definitely take the indicator and fog though. I will PM you my number and we can sort things out.
  8. Hi all, I am in need of the following for a 1995 Flash red Corrado. Passenger side indicator Passenger side fog Grille either a badge-less or one with a badge I know its asking a lot but has any one got a bumper and bonnet in flash red? I am not looking for show car quality parts but straight and reasonably tidy please. Thanks
  9. Hi There, I'm still a bit of a Nubbie so please bare with me. I have just bought a 1995 flash red corrado. I need to get a bonnet, grille n badge, bumper and N/S indicator and fog for it. In your initial post at the bottom it says you have a late bonnet with a hump and grille with badge. firstly is the late bonnet and grille what I need. Secondly is the bonnet red? If So and you still have these I'll take them both please.
  10. Hello!!! I am after the trim that surrounds the courtsey light in the roof. If anyone is breaking or has a spare one in cream let me know please. Thanks for reading :) Jazz
  11. Hey Everyone! I am having an issue with my electric window on the drivers side-The window will not move up and down. I have taken the motor out and tried both sets of wires in both sides of the motor and neither will work for the drivers window, but will for the passenger side. However, i can hear the motor working when i press down on the button for the drivers side. So it can't be the motor...surely... I would very much appreciate your thoughts. Thanks for reading :) Jazz
  12. Hey All! I am going to buy one of those door handle repair kits but my drivers door handle has no lock barrel as it came from a b3 Passat. I want a drivers door handle with a lock barrel in it which I can have tumbled to my key. Does not matter if the hooks broken as long as it is otherwise in good condition. Thanks for reading :) Jazz
  13. Hi all! I am looking for: Black carpet front and rear All the pillar trims Piece of plastic trim that goes around the gear selector (the bit with Karmann written on it) Grey interior sunroof panel Thanks for reading :) Jazz
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