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  1. Should have said, the front seats are heated and the heaters work I've got the car on Gumtree at £4750 so am editting the orginal ad above - don't know how to change the title. I wrote the ad at the end of last year and £5250 seemed the low end of what was being asked for others at the time...maybe not reflecting the current advertised prices so have reduced. D
  2. PRICE CHANGE £4750 1996 N VW Corrado VR6 Moonlight Blue Black Leather £4750 I'm selling my Corrado as described in the title. I have owned it for the last 7 years It has just been serviced and has an MOT till Nov 2018 Mileage... Well the speedo says 90,000 but... The speedo is the speedo that came with the engine. This was fitted by a previous owner at approximately 70,000 miles of the engine and 140,000 of the vehicle, so the car is probably at about 160,000 miles It is a fairly unmolested late registered example. Modifications that it has had are:- Miltek Cat-back stainless exhaust Lupo wipers Upgraded headlamp wiring BBS RS771 16inch alloys Sits on Michelin Pilot Sport 205/50 16s. less than 10000 miles on these. Work in recent years new fuel pump new starter new ignition switch new discs all round new calipers all round new windscreen with tinted top portion Usual Corrado points Yes - the fan works at all 4 speeds Yes - spoiler works - up at 55mph and down at 20mph, and manually Yes - the sunroof works on both tilt and slide The car is beginning to show some rust spots around the body and the arches will need to be tidied up. That said, the windscreen surround metal work has had a full windscreen out metal work repair. There are a couple of dings NSF arch, the panel behind the NS door below the rubbing strip and the rear panel below the NS lights. The car goes and handles well. Looking for £4750 or near offer Link below should take you to pics https://photos.app.goo.gl/WWMLhT1yBVTNw9512 Thanks for looking David
  3. Like it says looking for a... Headliner for 1996 VR6 with Sunroof Grey Preferably in Scotland or near Glasgow to make it collectable. Cheers D
  4. 'Fraid not. Easypops only has an VR6 Auto breaking at the moment, and we think that this is different/won't fit the Manual.
  5. Correct on both counts - loads of parts and top bloke!
  6. Like it says I need a Starter for my Manual '96 VR6. Be good if it was in the Glasgow area as I could pick it up. Let me know if you can help. Cheers David
  7. Sorry for the delay in responding. I'll need to check with the garage about where they got the pump we used. What we discovered was that on the first pump and the second pump we got, was that the sender unit part which has the external connector and the hoses running to and from the engine was different to the one on the car. This is the bit visible on the top of the tank, held in place with the the big black securing nut. So after the second one arrived I got the garage to take the pump out of the tank as I was hoping that we could perhaps swap the actual pump over within the housings. What they discovered was that the pump unit inside the tank was the same as the one that had been delivered, so they swapped the new pump and in tank hoses and wires with the old non functioning pump and kept the sender unit. I had real difficulty finding the pump as first of all we were put off the trail by the different sender units, and also the local dealer (credit due) concluded that VW had stopped supplying in 2015, but they phoned back to say that they think that the parts system says there are still up to three original parts around in dealers. They also said that he part number they found on the system was for chassis numbers older than my car. This might explain the problems I had. Perhaps VW changed the sender unit on the late cars. They said the part number is 1H0 919 651Q and the dealer phone numbers are 0116 242 8500 0161 480 6695 01753 486500 Cost - about £255, can't remember if that was with or without VAT. I'm not sure where the garage sourced my pump, but will call on Monday and find out. The first pump we got was from Eurocarparts and can be found here, it was the Haas part http://www.eurocarparts.com/fuel-pump I never saw it but if it is the same as the picture, then that would have been fine. The part number on the actual pump which was in the tank, stamped into the aluminium body is 1H0 906 091 C Hope this helps
  8. Corrado lives. New fuel pump. Happy Corrado. Sent from a large flat piece of glass with a metal backing using Tapatalk
  9. Right...thanks for the suggestions. We've tried the relays and checked the circuits and all is good. So we are concluding that the fuel pump is the problem. I'm looking for a replacement pump. Has anyone got one spare? Cheers D Sent from my from a large flat piece of glass with a metal backing using Tapatalk
  10. Good thinking, Dox. Will try in the morning. Car at garage just now. Sent from my from a large flat piece of glass with a metal backing using Tapatalk
  11. Thanks, might take you up on that tomorrow, on Dad's taxi duty tonight and waiting the call! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  12. I am wondering fuel pump relay. I think if it was ECU relay then I wouldn't get a spark. That or fuel vapourizing, but I wonder if that would happen when the engine is running. Thanks Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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