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  1. Worth a few quid now I suspect. Cost me about £1k back in the day..!
  2. Yeah.. you don’t want it. It was full of filler! Fun to make etc but in hindsight I should have stuck to a late oem dash/interior.
  3. Ha. Funny how all the old cars have ended up. Well if anyone knows where my old shell is then please speak up.
  4. Hi all, Its been a very long while since I was on this forum and it appears I can only post in this section but I was wondering if anyone knows where my old awd corrado shell or complete car ended up? Reg was J324 OPJ. It was the blue awd 1.8t corrado that used to have the tvr interior. If you know could you let me know? thanks Ben
  5. Haven’t been on here for many years but heard about Bally’s passing and wanted to pass my best to his family and friends, knew him from the scene back in the early 2000’s! Very sad.
  6. http://biareview.com/ http://anztheme.com/ dịch vụ thành lập doanh nghiệp tư vấn luật dịch vụ kế toán trung tâm kế toán vô dụng, còn dùng một trăm hắc tinh tệ mỗi năm để thuê con ba trăm năm..."

    Sắc mặt của Augustine Las và Trần Duệ đồng thời biến đổi. Hắc long tiểu thư hồn nhiên không biết chuyện gì đang xảy ra, vẫn thao thao bất tuyệt ca tụng "công tích vĩ đại" của Trần Duệ, hoàn toàn không hề nhìn thấy trên trán cha mình đã nổi lên gân xanh. Nàng còn đắc ý kể về cuộc sống bảo tiêu của mình.

    Long Hoàng bệ hạ gần như sắp "nổ tung" thì nghe thấy Olivia nghiêm trang nói: "Lão bản là người tốt, dạy con rất nhiều thứ, tỷ như thế nào là một bảo tiêu chuyên nghiệp... Nếu có người chặn đường thì con sẽ giúp hắn đán

  7. Glad you guys got the parts! DOX.. sent a pm mate! Paul.. these calipers are for at least 330mm discs but probably more like 350mm discs! Not a chicken chance in Thailand they will fit under your 16" schmidts...
  8. Clutch came off a 2.5 inline 5 test engine runnng 200bhp. It will fit a VR and the power is roughly the same so should work fine. Its basically brand new! All in will be £50. thanks, Ben
  9. Hi Bobby, So basically the ignition amplifier is used to boost the signals from the ECU to the individual coilpacks, without it the coilpacks won't provide enough power to generate a spark. It normally sits on the side of the OEM plastic airbox with a heat sink bolted to it and a rubber seal around it to keep it cool as it gets very hot! Don't use it without the oem heatsink though as it will overheat and melt! (got the T-shirt! lol) The plugs for this will be on your 1.8T loom.. follow the wires from the coil packs. I think its a 4 pin one end and 5 pin the other. You will need this item for your conversion. Aftermarket ECU or ME3.5 or 7. Hope that helps! These are about £75 new so its half price plus you get a 2nd used one free :-) Let me know. cheers Ben
  10. I have the following for sale - 1) A set of rear Corrado storm badges. So x1 'Corrado', x1 'storm' and x1 'vw roundel' badges - £20ono + £2P+P SOLD diarmaid16 2) 1.8t 440cc Bosch fuel injector (x1), re-con, never used - £20 + £3P+P 3) 1.8T Bahn Brenner billet ali fuel rail, never used, stored for 3/4 years, has regulator attachment. Billet ali with clear anodise. Bit dusty, a few light scratches but looks great. These are $140+ new! Then shipping + tax! Pickup a bargain! - £85 + £10P+P 4) 5spd 02J/A/C clutch slave cyl, Nearly new, only used for about 250miles! Stored for last 3/4 years. Seals look fine. Save yourself a few £££. - £15 + £5P+P 5) Brand new bosch ignition amplifier, 1.8t coilpack amplifier. Bosch. Bought new about 3/4 years ago and never used. If you are doing a 1.8t conversion you will need one of these. Normally resides in the oem air box. I have a used one as well which I'll include in the sale FOC. - £35 + £4P+P SOLD 6) I have a nearly new OEM 228mm clutch, basically used for about 200 miles.. very good condition - £25 + £15P+P SOLD DOX 7) I have an 'All Smiles' ali catch tank. These were all the rage back in the day! £120+ new - £90 + 10P+P 8- 6 speed mk4 golf leather gear knob with wire to light it up. Brand new, never fitted. £15 + £5P+P 9) Mercedes-Benz 6 pot brembo calipers, red, all seals are in good condition, calipers only.. Not 100% sure what model they are off. £200 + £25P+P /or collection 10) 288mm vented discs. 5x100 PCD. Think they are for Mk4 Golf / A3 / Leon etc - £10 + £20 P+P or collection. SOLD DOX By all means PM me or email me for a quick response - biggerbigben at gmail .c0m
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