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  1. Hello mate do you still have engine a gearbox? Thanks

  2. no mate, sold them more or less straight away. Happy hunting
  3. yes mate, sorry. Only have some small parts left like interior trims, some spare door cards, switches, minor engine bay components. Happy hunting
  4. Sorry bud, been through what bits are left and no fuel pump relay. May have been broken in the accident, I remember picking up some broken relays off the floor as fusebox got crushed
  5. Any idea of the relay number for that? I do have some relays left but some were smashed to bits in the impact.
  6. Was a Mk2 fan lol. Still love the look of them but had enough of mine now with all the work I've done. Plus after my accident that wrote off the Corrado I was glad I wasn't in the mk2 as I wouldn't be writing this now. Anyone wanting a Mk2 Golf 16v 5 Door in Oak Green and interested in a swap with a Corrado VR6?
  7. fan blower etc gone, sorry. Not an awful lot left to be honest lol. Sorry if I've not replied to other questions but this is the first email notification I have had for months so not logged on - no need with no Corrado, which will change soon when I get rid of my piece of **** Mk2 Golf 16V
  8. Thought I would post an update on this in case anyone else suffered the same - in a Corrado or not. The previously mentioned tw*t who crashed into me was charged with Careless Driving and prosecuted on 4th July. All he got was 6 penalty points, £200 fine and £105 costs. Lucky him - don't know if he got a ban through totting up on any other points he may have had? Traffic Justice (yeah right..) Department informed me of the outcome of proceedings. He could have pleaded not guilty if he chose to, to then face a trial but I guess the evidence against him forced his hand - proof he was on wrong side of road on impact, witness statements, his insurance company admitting liability instantly etc. So everyone drive like idiots as the law won't touch you as long as you don't kill anyone. I on the other hand am still awaiting compensation/loss of earnings/other losses settlement and still having leg/knee problems, not to mention being without the Corrado, while that cu*t is out and about - maybe one day soon he will receive proper justice....
  9. sorry to those who have replied since March time, I've not been getting email alerts for replies to this thread for some reason?? Only by luck I was on here tonight and spotted these - being without a Corrado I don't get on here much now, hopefully that will change soon. Other than thos I just replied to, none of the other parts requested are available, sorry. I do still have a few bits left, the shell is long gone but was stripped of everything salvagable
  10. Hi, not been getting email alerts to replies on this thread for some reason, only by chance I was on here looking. Sunroof sold already, sorry.
  11. sorry mate, I've not been getting email alerts to replies on this thread for some reason. Don't have those bits, fusebox cover was smashed to bits in the accident.
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