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  1. Thought I would post an update on this in case anyone else suffered the same - in a Corrado or not. The previously mentioned tw*t who crashed into me was charged with Careless Driving and prosecuted on 4th July. All he got was 6 penalty points, £200 fine and £105 costs. Lucky him - don't know if he got a ban through totting up on any other points he may have had? Traffic Justice (yeah right..) Department informed me of the outcome of proceedings. He could have pleaded not guilty if he chose to, to then face a trial but I guess the evidence against him forced his hand - proof he was on wrong side of road on impact, witness statements, his insurance company admitting liability instantly etc.


    So everyone drive like idiots as the law won't touch you as long as you don't kill anyone.


    I on the other hand am still awaiting compensation/loss of earnings/other losses settlement and still having leg/knee problems, not to mention being without the Corrado, while that cu*t is out and about - maybe one day soon he will receive proper justice....

  2. sorry to those who have replied since March time, I've not been getting email alerts for replies to this thread for some reason?? Only by luck I was on here tonight and spotted these - being without a Corrado I don't get on here much now, hopefully that will change soon. Other than thos I just replied to, none of the other parts requested are available, sorry. I do still have a few bits left, the shell is long gone but was stripped of everything salvagable

  3. I have got all the bits off my 94 VR6 after breaking it following accident - long story. Basically thought I would see if anyone wants a free shell for rear end panels? Front end drivers corner and door/pillar smashed to f*ck, but both rear quarter panels and rear panel are all fine and very good if anyone wants some cuts.

    Will have to collect on a flatbed or trailer - and be lifted - from Kings Lynn, Norfolk and asap as if no takers I will get a chap I know to collect to weigh it in. Not rolling as sold rear beam and front wheel was ripped off in crash and took all other bits like subframe off.

    Can get pics if anyone interested, still has rear bumper on it that has a couple of chunks out of it from recovery but can be repaired, also fuel tank is in the boot and included with the car. Tailgate, passenger door and wing, sunroof all been removed and some sold. Engine and gearbox also out.

    I have the logbook. Car is Aqua Blue LC5U if that matters.

  4. nice one, another Corrado saved. All the best.


    Cheers for your help. I think I got lucky with the insurance. First thing the guy says when he sees it is "These are a bit of a classic now aren't they?" and was all good from there. Said he'd pay up to £1700 to get it fixed so must value it in the 2.5-3k bracket. He wanted to keep the rear panel original as well, reckoned it was repairable. He had a word with the body shop who are gonna give it ago, so fingers crossed they can do it.

  5. I still got the passenger wing mirror and door, indicator sold though. I can get some pics of the door if you want as the rub strip was damaged during recovery and will need replacing.


    Hi there, I've tried to read most of the thread so apologies if I have missed this. I'd be after passenger side door and wing mirror. Also pass side front indicator? Would need them shipped though ?

  6. Value wise I was a plum, I only paid £1k for it and told insurance it was worth £1500 and was going to do the agreed value thing where an 'expert' fills in a form and you agree a value with insurance, was going to insure it for £2k mr bit more maybe. Hence I only got the £1500 back but they did say they would have no problem paying out more - maybe £2500-£3000 if that was what I declared or if I had agreed that previously.


    Ah ok, no problems. Thanks anyway. I was hopeful more than anything else! With the ropey one I've got, the scrapyard have roughly cut it off so a small section of the sides and the boot tray are still attached - I'll let the bodyshop cut it out properly. Don't know if that would make a difference rather than trying to cut it out neatly? Does seem like it's a difficult part to source though so might end up just having to let the bodyshop sort that shoddy one out.


    Also, do you mind me asking what value the insurers put on it? I've got their assessor coming out on Thursday so it might be useful to compare.

  7. Hi there,

    I did speak to someone who came and got some bits who had replaced a 1/4 panel on a Corrado with one from another and he said it was a bitch to do i.e drilling out spot welds and getting it out intact enough to fit it again correctly, I know the rear panel may be a bit easier but may be a bit beyond me in getting it off correctly so it can be re-fitted. What I was planning on doing was to offer the shell to anyone wanting it for the rear end panels as everything else will be off so not a rolling car. If no takers I have someone to lift it away and scrap it as it's not worth me doing it for the few quid it will be worth in scrap.


    hi mate, sorry to see what's happened to your Corrado, always a shame to see another go.


    I don't suppose you'd be able to get the rear panel off at all? I've had a Range Rover have a go at mine, and the rear panel is done for so I'm trying to source another. I found one from a scrapyard but it's not in great condition and would require some of the good bits left from mine stictched in, which isn't ideal. I'd rather have a solid one from a car that's been looked after. If it's something you were able to do, how much would you want for it? I'd organise a courier of course.


    If not, would you be able to let me know what breakers' you'd be taking it to, assuming you are, so I might try and get it off them?


    Thanks very much for your help.

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