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  1. OK, all the looms that have been ordered and paid for have been sent out today. I will do another run at some point in the future but give me a month or so. Enjoy. Thanks Andrew for helping me out here.
  2. I seem to be having problems with folk not receiving my messages, or I'm being dull, so if anyone is waiting for a response or PM, please let me know. I have sent messages!
  3. delfinis38: I thought I'd messaged you the other day. Have emailed and messaged you now, just to make sure. Let me know if nothing comes through. Loom is almost done. Jim: I agree but the options are limited in this area. I once chopped up 2 old headlights and made proper fitting plugs but way too time consuming and quite expensive.
  4. Have messaged you. Still waiting for a response but I have them all allocated at the minute. Give me a few days to get a reply.
  5. It's only my opinion, uprated bulbs of the same wattage should be OK. I ran 100/160w in my classic mini but wouldn't dream of putting them in a Corrado. I've had a few C headlights in bits over the years and the plastic reflective backs might not like all that heat. You should notice a massive difference once the loom is fitted. I've got the Uprated bulbs in both my old VW's, along with my looms.
  6. Dogma, can you send me a PM about the OEM style plugs. It's easier to keep track that way. Same if anyone else wants anything. Thanks
  7. I've ordered the plugs for those that asked. Started the looms and ordered the parts. If anyone else is interested please ask soon to get the same price. Thanks Zak
  8. They do look like the plugs you need. I'm happy to fit these to the looms if people are interested. If you want them you could PM me and PayPal me the cost, that way I will get them here rather than you having to pay postage on to me. They do make a difference to the ease of fitment but make to loom seem awfully expensive. Thanks for that, it's been a while since I looked for them, :-)
  9. I have spent years asking for these, from the dealers, I even enquired in the States but had no joy. I have the terminals so if you can provide the plugs I can fit them. B3 Passat has the same plug.
  10. Hi Guys, sorry to have been away so long. Thank you for your patience and to GF for keeping this going. I will be happy to make up some looms over the course of the next week. I will have to order parts as I was only expecting 1 or 2 requests. Not a problem but just so that I don't spend a fortune on parts that sit idle in my garage, could I ask all serious requests to send me a PM. I will then email you with instructions. As there are a few I can do them for £52 delivered, these will be 3 relay looms with instructions and fitting kit, it's just some tyraps don't get excited. I live in Chippenham so will happily fit for the cost of the postage if you like. Thanks again Zak
  11. Stu, PM'd you back. It's ready to post out. Enjoy
  12. Hi all, Sorry for not getting back to people who have messaged me. I've replied to some but if you are looking for a loom for the coming winter months, please let me know. I should be on here a little more now. Also happy to offer advice on looms if you need. Regards Zak
  13. Hi, I seem to be always apologising for not getting back to folk, Sorry! I'll be around for a few weeks so should be able to put a few looms together. I have replied to Peter and Robert but if you want a loom please let me know. Many thanks and have a great Christmas. Zak
  14. Thanks for covering my out of the country ass Andy, I did order a few parts in so can knock up a couple of looms over the next couple of weeks. Could you please PM me if you would like one of my 3 relay looms. I guess they would be around £55 posted depending on interest. Many thanks and sorry for the lack of replys Zak
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