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  1. Hi All, The car has now been sold. Thanks to everybody for looking and contacting me about it. It was a pleasure to meet the new owner today and the car is going to a phenomenal cause and i couldn't be happier. Apologies for being the worst salesman ever and not being able to offer a cup of tea or coffee as not been to the shops for milk :bonk: I will leave it up to the new owner to decide if they want to reveal who they are. Cheers Ben if a mod could lock the thread, that would be appreciated.
  2. Yeah I believe it's all stock. Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
  3. THE CAR IS NOW SOLD - THANKS FOR LOOKING Hi All For Sale - Dark Burgandy Pearl Corrado G60 - K959 WBD with late model front end Unfortunately its come to that time where i have to let go of my corrado. Lifes changed quite a lot for me and the corrado has been on the back burner for the last year and half or more. Having moved house and changed my job i just do not have the time or money to put towards the project and it's time to sell so somebody else can enjoy the car it. The car has been stored on hard ground and not on grass with weeds growing up it or anything similar. The car does run but it's not advised as the engine has a tapping noise seemingly coming from the top end of the engine, somebody did come and have a quick look for me but without taking the engine to bits they said they couldn't be 100% sure what the problem was. One of the injectors looks potentially faulty so could be a quick easy fix. I did start looking for some new ones but then leaving my job, finding a new one and getting a new house took priority. I have a video somewhere of the sound and i think i posted it on these forums at one point looking for advice so will see if i can link to it incase you want to hear. As such the car currently sits sorn and will need trailering away from where i live to its new home. Good Points, -Lots of history with the car including tax discs, mot certs, servicing paperwork, receipts for work done and parts replaced including top end rebuild. -Supercharger had been rebuilt relatively recently and has done very little miles since. I have receipts from G-werks and Jabba. The charger was rebuilt at 141,000 miles, the car now has 143,000 on it. The car had only done 200 miles after charger being rebuilt and i ran it in properly keeping revs low, not using more than half throttle and making sure oil temp was up -Car was taken to a forum day rolling road and achieved pretty decent figures for a mostly stock car. Ran perfectly and the guys at stealth said it seems pretty strong. 167.7bhp & 171lb ft torque -The sunroof tilts and slides (have receipt for this being replaced in the cars life) The rear spoiler goes up and down Have a receipt for this being replaced in the cars life -Has coilover suspension and is lowered a little. Don't think the coilovers are anything too fancy but they do the job. -Interior is nice and clean with minimal things wrong with it, see pics -Electric windows both work and motor replaced on one side. -Electric Mirrors both work -Some bahn brenner intercooler pipes id like to think the car is pretty solid and straight. Bad points, -Engine woes, as described above. -rust in a couple of spots. One small patch behind the spoiler on the bootlid. Not visible when the spoiler is down and on the front door behind the bump strip in a small place. Again barely visible. -stone chip on bonnet -central locking not working, electrical gremlin. Have tested components and all work, had pump working too. Think an old alarm might be interfering. -Scratch on the passenger side rear quarter panel. Tried to show scale with a coin. Not tried to see if it will polish out.The car had been dry stored and when i got it back to my house it was out on the street for less than 24 hours and somebody decided to do that. Made my blood boil!! I think £THE CAR IS NOW SOLD is a fair price for the car. The car is based a few miles outside of banbury, oxfordshire. The car can be viewed pretty much any day after 6pm, obviously this isnt ideal at this time of the year but if you are interested then let me know and i will let you know what days i have off work and we can make something happen. Message me on here and i will pass my contact details on. any questions or if i have forgotten something then please ask. I will try and reply quickly. [ATTACH=CONFIG]85194[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]85195[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]85196[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]85197[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]85198[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]85199[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]85188[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]85189[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]85190[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]85191[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]85192[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]85193[/ATTACH]
  4. I know its kind of cheating but it was nice to see so many corrados at edition 38 this year. Counted over 40 across the show in various guises. Don't remember ever seen so many at a show.
  5. Knowing where abouts you/we live i can sympathise. Our daily car has to have the wheels rebalanced every month or so due to the amount of potholes in the area amd the mileage done around here. The wheels on that also have developed various buckles due to the really big ones that the local council have finally fixed although they wouldnt pay up for a new set of wheels. Me and the misses came to the conclusion that untill the local roads are made alot!!! better the daily won't be getting new wheels as its a never ending battle. I would get the wheel refurbed.
  6. Changed Inlet and all exhaust manifold gaskets and no blows or cracks. I do have some cracks in two of my injectors though! If anybody has some I can borrow to test the car with until I can source a decent set I would be most appreciative. Glad I'm getting somewhere with it all though!
  7. *Update on the horrible noise, hoping a nice forum member can help me out though and a couple of minor changes After completely removing the inlet manifold and exhaust manifold, replacing all gaskets and actually doing the exhaust manifold up to the correct torque i can gladly report that there is no cracked manifold and no more blowing at the exhaust. Unfortunately the noise is still there. While i had the inlet manifold off i discovered a bit of a nasty surprise in that two of my injectors are cracked with one more looking like its not far away. I know these have to be replaced but have had a quick scout on the old interweb and have only come across some ropey second hand ones. If any forum member local to me happens to have a spare set i can borrow until i can find a decent set so that i can see if its truly the root cause of the noise then i would be most grateful. Fingers crossed for this easy fix! While i had the car in bits i painted the rocker cover and boost pipes as i was sick of what the previous owner had done. Before [ATTACH]79489[/ATTACH] After [ATTACH]79490[/ATTACH] Attached although some oily finger prints [ATTACH]79491[/ATTACH]
  8. Not the first to mention cracked exhaust manifold or blown gasket. Guess this should be my starting point. Thanks
  9. Hmm, I did wonder about this. Would I not be getting misfire or lumpy idle with this though? The noise just seemed to start happening too rather than slowly work up to it. The cam seemed in great condition when I had rocker cover off and looked at it, is there anyway to tell if its worn other than a bad noise lol ☺
  10. Been a while since my last update. Wish I had some better news to share, the car has developed a rather distasteful engine noise which I'm trying to diagnose. All ideas are welcome and appreciated http://the-corrado.net/showthread.php?p=1038849 On top of this the car needs a few things to get it ready for its mot...... New coilovers, New top mounts all round, New front wishbones and bushes New engine mounts New rear wheel bearings New discs and pads all round ( only needs rears but gonna do the lot) New exhaust rubbers. Gonna be expensive so buying bits here and there and going to attack the car with a mate all in one weekend provided the engine problem isn't an engine out issue. Hopefully I will be able to report good news when she's all back on the road. Ps. If anybody has any of the above for sale i will probably be interested [emoji106]
  11. So it's time to address the elephant in the corner of the room. My poor G60 is making some very horrible noises and I'm yet to discover what's causing it. Unfortunately with getting a new job and getting a new house i just havnt had the time to look at (actually sorn the car for the time being) or had the funds to have somebody else profesionally look at it. I know it difficult to say what the problem is just from a noise but all ideas are welcome. I don't have the space or time or budget to keep trying various things so as much help as I can get is greatly appreciated. The car starts on the button every time, no miss or backfiring and revs cleanly. When it happened there was no noticeable power loss or anything out the ordinary literally just a horrible noise. Obviously I don't use the car and its only been run for a couple of seconds every now and then in vain hope that I would have a brainwave and solve the problem. I have had the rocker cover off, everything looks perfect, the tappets seem fine so don't think its that. I have a compression tester on its way in the post and will be doing that when I can. The oil was mint and nothing out the ordinary on the sump plug when I changed it and the filter to see if something really bad had happened. Im pretty sure the charger is fine thankfully, a bullet dodged me thinks. Was only rebuilt 2000 miles ago too. Thanks in advance for any help or advice. Video attached below I hope!
  12. I was out for a little drive in the corrado and got a toot from somebody and a wave, about 2 mins later I got a couple more toots from various cars, naturally i pulled into the next available spot to see what had fallen off or broken. Fortunately the car was fine and I can only assume that they were infact chufties :)
  13. About 5.45 today I experienced my first on road corrado on corrado action! Saw a white rado with black wheels and clear rears in traffic in banbury, can't remembere numberplate as was too shocked about what happened. Thumbs up exchanged and some looks of disgust from my daughter, she said I should grow up. Ha ha
  14. Again, this time in tesco. Im not stalking you, honest lol. I very nearly went home and got mine just for the photo opportunity :)
  15. Cheers Jim! Bit of a corrado spotting surge for me, saw a white one with black wheels in Banbury heading towards tesco. Just spotted a green one going the other way down the m69 towards Coventry while I'm heading to the inlaws. Both time I was in the family hack. Was out in mine for ages yesterday and didn't spot another.
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