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  1. abv79

    Msd vr6 coil

    Hi. I've been looking at a msd coil kit for the vr . Does anyone have one and are they worth the money? Thanks in advance :)
  2. Been out in the car again this morning . Covered another 100 miles . It seems to be getting more responsive with every heat cycle
  3. @-g0ldf1ng3r . Cheers for the info :).. Is that 400 ponies on race fuel? I've been thinking of running some 101 in mine see if it would make any difference .. I only run mine on 97 bp or 99 v-power but can tell the difference between the two..
  4. @Dox.. Would love to turbo it. Love the sound but don't really want wheel spin in every gear lol I will phone see what they say. I know someone else who might want a conversion done to. I already have two turbo cars so might keep this N/A.. Who knows I might sell this next year and start something else :)
  5. @jim.. Halfords in a 1 minute drive from work. I will be going to my local stealers next week for some other bits so I can soon collect some :)
  6. @jim Bowen .. I've not given the engine a hard time to be honest. I do give it full throttle bursts but it's never seen redline. And never stay in full throttle
  7. @Dox are stealth still trading ? I emailed them last week about a drive in drive out turbo kit but no reply ?
  8. @Dox. It's coolant from halfords it does say on the bottle it's already diluted. Just want to make sure I don't crack my block over winter.. It's good for -34.. The sump is brand new and so is the gasket . I've nipped them all up didn't want to over do them. I will pressure wash the sump tomorrow so I can tell if it seeps again.. I will have a look at that thanks :)
  9. @Dox. I was going to use the 262 cams cause I've been told you can run OEM springs . I won't be changing the cams for a while anyway. Thanks for letting me know thou :-)
  10. @Dox. I'm just changing the coolant as we speak. 50/50 coolant to water so changing for full undiluted coolant . I've noticed the sump gasket is leaking slightly . These rubber sump gaskets are sh--e so will need to remove the sump and apply some sealant. Would be taking the sump off anyway to inspect for any unwanted sealant . Don't want it blocking my oil pick up ..
  11. @Dox. The engine builder was Andy at highflowheads in Scotland . He built the engine and they block was sent to a machine shop on his estate
  12. @Dox. Rebuilt and flow tested OEM Bosch ones... If your not gonna use your car for fast road use I wouldn't go for a knife edge crank.. Sounds mental!!! Would love to turbo it but would need full syncro running gear.. Defo reccomend wavetrac LSD.. Will be fitting 262 cams once the bottom end is fully ran in...
  13. @dr mat.. I'm only telling you what the Mfa says :-) Yes the injectors have been changed. Polished and ported TB. 6 branch mani. Wavetrax LSD. Stainless cone filter. All sensors have been changed and running 3.0 software. New Bosch maf. New coil. On the run out on Monday the car never went over 70mph..
  14. @Dox. I used JE pistons and binned the rings and used wiseco ones.. I sent the block away with the set of Pistons so there was no confusion on size.. I've managed to save 13 kg off the crank with it being knive edged. a set of pulleys and a light flywheel.. Revs really well but it doesn't like slow round town driving... I havent chained the engine but I haven't been driving like a granny either... I do give it a bit in every gear but let it cool down for 15 mins after... Max oil temp I've seen so far is 104.
  15. Hi Jim .. The cheapest you can find .. I'm using 10/40w comma mineral oil...
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