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  1. What are the symptoms when this bolt breaks does the car not run at all? or will it run and becuase its jumped a few teeth run like shit?
  2. Drain the oil and re-filled it, car started but ran like crap, turned it off and again wont start, is there any way the ignition timing has gone out? and because the engine is sparking at the wrong time causing it to over fuel?. We suspected a dodgy injector but all the plugs are sutting up so it cant be all of them. Also when the vacum for the fpr is disconnected the car runs abit better connect itand it begins to die.
  3. we suspected the ecu, he has had this problem once before where the car would not start, there was fuel air and spark but it just wouldnt fire and it seems the same now. I remember when my mate opened the old ecu and it was full of water and had shorted out.
  4. update, major problem the earth has been checked and its fine but the car will not start at all now no matter how long you crank it for took the plugs out again and they were piss wet with fuel left the plugs out so the fuel in the bores would vapourise a little and we started thinking what must of happend to all that fuel in the bores, i took out the dip stick and the oil was very very thin and stunk of fuel. Put a lighter to the dipstick and it caught fire straight away. Either the fuel in the bores has seeped past the rings and mixed with the engine oil or somthing is majorly wrong. We can't even run the car now with the danger that the oil has gone so thin it may not lubricate and sieze the engine or knacker the charger. Where do you go from here :-(
  5. Just one other thing also checked a friends rallye and the negative terminal on the car goes onto the gearbox support bar where the gearbox mount is. Is that how the corrado one should be rather then on the starter bolt?
  6. Just checked the negative from the battery and it does go to the car chassis and then the top starter bolt so i assume this is all right. There are two red thick cables that go on one connection to the starter and a red spade which is connected to the spade on the starter solenoid..any more ideas??
  7. Does anyone have any pics of this earth strap and where on the gear box does it actually go???
  8. Update, called the aa man out and he warmed up the plugs and managed to get the started. It cranks for ages and then finally starts to add to the problem the idle is really rough but disconnect the isv and it still the same, connect it no difference same with the coolant temp sensor. And then the oil light starts flashing and buzzing.........what is goin on here.???
  9. Darren :) didn't notice it was you as ur user name has changed
  10. Yeah its his car, but i cant seem to find his thread?
  11. On behalf of my friend who has a 91 g60 which is running a stage 4 charger with 65mm pulley and sns chip with bosch redtop injectors. The car has run mint for 6 months until the clutch started to go. This car had no idle misfire, issues at all. Took the car to get the clutch done in the morning and it started fine went to the garage to collect in the afternoon and the guys at the garage said the battery has gone flat? so they had to put jump leads on it. Ever since leaving that garage the car would start but with a misfire and then clear up once warm. It lasted a week or so and then he notice the battery was bubbling battery acid and the misfire was now constant. The car was overfueling like hell with lots of black smoke out the exhaust. The plugs kept going black again and again. Under this situation the car was not used to drive. On sat he got a new battery cleaned the plugs and again same problem still overfueling. No adjustments were made to the car and it was just turned off with the misfire, now it wont even start at all. It doesnt not even try to fire. Parts that have been recently changed on this car blue temp sensor new distributor coil battery plugs (bosch w5dpo) ecu He suspect the starter wiring may have somthing to do with this because the guys at the garage may have got the wires wrong in one way causing somthing to short. If somone can please advise how the wiring from the alt to starter should be so we can rule it out. thanks
  12. for me its gotta be these, Borbet B 9x16 http://i55.photobucket.com/albums/g130/ ... os/005.jpg
  13. I've seen Vr's and 1.8t's running nos but out of interest has anyone run nos on a g60?, do you think it would work well or not opinions please
  14. What size outers have you got on the rears?
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