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  1. Welcome to the forum bud. Pm yoy tomorrow mate. Cheers clumpy :)
  2. Well i didnt sell them and we went last night..... was amazing have some good photos and videos... was 5rows from the stage :)
  3. Did the g60 have dished bbs on stuartfzr
  4. I had some on my mk4 gti.... good quality wheels i was more than happy with them
  5. Ive had it nearly a year. Its hard to put a price on cause there arent many g60 for sale. The ones i have seen have around 170k on the clock, im also guessing the market may have changed a bit since i brouhht it. I have a figure in my head (which have been told by a member on here is about right) The wheels are reps clumpy 8j and 9j
  6. Hello all, Sad times but im thinking about selling my g60 :( its a hard desicion and i havnt fell out of love with it I just simply cant afford to run 2 myself. Being a carpenter and having to carry tools with me all the time the obviously the corrado doesnt get used for this so this is the car that has to go much to my sadness. I have been looking on here, ebay, autotrader, pistonheads, gumtree etc to try and give my pride and joy a price, but finding it fairly difficult. Its a 92 early interior etc. Low miles just ticked to 114,000 to what g's ive seen for sale 12months mot 6months tax Very good body and paint with no rust what so ever (was respray in 2007, origional colour not colour changed) Supercharger serviced at jabba sport and staged 2 at 105,930 miles With lots of reciepts form jabba sport, Also got a dyno print out showing 189.8 bhp and 216lbft tourqe Will try and upload pics and any help would be appretiated Thanks in advance
  7. Soul love..... beady eye ---------- Post added at 6:41 PM ---------- Previous post was at 6:40 PM ---------- She is love.... oasis
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