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How long have you had your corrado?

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Mines in for body work at the moment, the owner of the body shop has owned a MK2 golf for nearly 20 years and knows the cars backwards so was ideal for the job, another lad that works there owns a VR6 Blackberry with a Vortex supercharger giving out 320 BHP. My car has had a respray at some point and looks good,just had a scab on the rear water jet and needed some of the arch trims replacing- I decided to take all the arch trims, front and rear bumpers off and the sill trims for a full inspection. There are a few bits that need attending to , trims can hide a multiple of sins, also as mentioned the door hinges. Got all the bumper irons/brackets powder coated with new clips and bolts. After the body work just the headlining to do which I have a fibreglass panel and some replica OE headlining from Heritage, then restoration completed ! Has already been to Stealth for engine and undercarriage renovation, people don't realise Vince has a owned a couple of MK2 Golfs and has a soft spot for them - I was very happy that he complimented my golf as the best one he had driven in many years.




The 4 doors are still available but the three doors are unfortunately obsolete. I have noticed compared to the Corrado world some of the sellers can be a little misleading and I have sent a few items back to sellers.


There is a red 3dr been broken in Cornwall, cannot give the seller a reference as never done business with them .



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How come you have never fixed the car ? I imagine it has pretty low mileage ?


I picked it up cheap on a whim and used it for several months. I had lots of little niggles with it that was costing me money that should have been spent on the family and house. When the engine failed I decided to garage it for the future as a project. It has 93k on it and way to many owners. It is however a very straight rust free car so some time in the future it will be running again (I hope).


I have the running one I bought in Feb to keep me happy so all is good for now. Desperately need a rad that doesn't leak though!


(Sorry for late reply. It seems my old account is dead and irretrievable)

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I've just realised I've had mine for over eight and a half years now. I can't believe it. In another six months it will be the car I've owned the longest, overtaking my old Golf mk4 V6 4Motion which I should never has sold all those years ago. I took a sad step a few months ago and SORN'd it. I hardly used it last year and it's been sat in the garage since April with only a few hundred miles in that time. The problem is I now have too many cars. I've gone from a dead Golf GTI in 2018 (meaning the Corrado was temporarily my daily driver), to having too many cars (a new Evoque as a family car and an old Peugeot 206 as a beater). The Corrado just doesn't have a place for me at the moment outside of it being a hobby which I just haven't had time for recently (2019 was a terrible year with three close family deaths including my mum a month ago). But I can't bring myself to sell it as it's been part of me for so long. So I took the difficult decision to SORN it and put it away in the garage.


I'll probably bring it out of hibernation in the spring.

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