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  1. Making progress on the garage - picture taken earlier but all footing trenches dug and passed by building Inspector - it’s great building soil here in my home town - best soil is like sand that you can cut slabs out of - worse is clay as you can actually get clay heave which is when the clay expands with water and pushes the ground up and cracks the house - basically the opposite to subsidence. Easy way to check if your soil has heavy clay is simply roll it up into a stick and if it does indeed roll to a stick make sure you have designed footings to cope with heave .
  2. Thanks for the advice everyone - Ive got some oe seals coming tomorrow - i will use a bit of silicon on the seal- if it leaks after that it must be the radiator warped side so hopefully a bit of RTV will cure that if it leaks again . I will post the seal that came off and compare to the OE one.
  3. Thanks mate it’s actually for the g60 which the devils use the same flange as a vr6 - radiator Is obsolete like that of a vr6 - rad is 5 years old and a Hella - could anyone recommend a good gasket seal if new genuine o ring fails - maybe I have the bolts too tight would love to know the torque settings - cheers im not sure why they even designed this top rad flange - Mk2 rads are so much stronger .
  4. Hi keep getting the odd spurt of coolant leaking out of this flange can see it on bonnet - first fitted aftermarket- now got an original not sure if the seal is genuine so have ordered one - what torque should these bolts be please maybe I have them to tight ? I take it I’m putting the o ring in the correct place ? Thanks red circle shows where I’m putting o ring .
  5. I was getting some role on toyo tyres or fold round corners admittedly punching through corners at it limits - back on sebs with mich pilot sports what a day and night difference in handling ability . As you can see on rear axle B12 the eibach springs sit perfect with the rear raised a little higher then front axle and dampening is spot on .
  6. No because it’s over Tax threshold £130 so will not be cheaper - also bulk postage x2 will be rich.
  7. £130 I believe mate- i stagger orders so they dont go out as the same shipment-
  8. Very good mate very impressed - they have the odd surprising thing OE Vag in stock as well that even classis do not have- came in very handy whilst restoring the G60. If its green means in stock and posted pretty damn quick- if in red means its in Germany classics warehouse but they are a lot quicker posting
  9. Depends on your roof tile what your using mate clay or concrete ? - I’ve sorted my tiles out now went for dreadnought Staffordshire blue and an arris hip tile which I’m a big fan of as no mortar required on ridges and gives a sharp look - also sorted my timber out - if your having issues contact me once I’ve got mine and I will pass you a couple of contacts . Tiles are same brand im using on garage as main house .
  10. You got it in one on the caps . Yep I will be pulling the add later have financed the garage build through other means by not making a sale on the car - i have seen standard grotty low mileage vr6 sell for the same price with ancient running gear and cancer rot - it’s best the car stays we me as the custodian for the near future as no chance someone getting this car admired at car shows and paying peanuts for it . It is a sight and a half having all three cars lined up with the three sport variants of that era from Vw . Yes in between house and garage have 4 meters - can just get a roller one so can be reclined in high winds or snow .
  11. LLL parts Mecatechnic France are very good and only £5.50 delivery - much quicker then classics or Heritage- they are my no1 company I use now. Heritage I will use if genuine vag and in stock if not I avoid as takes far to long (6- 8 weeks)and they are very incompetent. https://www.mecatechnic.com/en-GB/
  12. Garage build started today the cars have gone over to a safe drive way away from building debris . First hurdle to get over is dreadnought clay tiles told me it’s a 30 week wait - so will be looking for the most durable under felt and might pop a temp scaffold roof over her . Will also be ringing up the sales guy to annoy the shite out of him every three days in till he breaks . The G60 has not gained any solid offers which Im sort of glad in a way as my love for her has grown significantly now I have not had to spend any more money on her, 90 percent sure she will be staying now - such a special car that one . Also looking at maybe a future daily there is nowt I would desire to own - all plastic chromy looking throw away appliances- cant compare a Karmann built car to one of these modern chocolate tea pots . Ive come up with a cunning plan Im going to put up an awning on the side of the garage I can fold in and out to shade the car as baking sun can be one of the harmful things to car.
  13. Some chap was selling some old fabric he had spare on eBay was just lucky - complete back section of a seat easily covered the bolster - it’s a little darker but that’s fine with Me - sun bleaching over the years . The cloth pattern came optional recaro on a Mk2 and also 89/90 Corrado . You can buy new material as well from Germany . https://nadel-werk.de/
  14. Too true chap- there are stupid abouts of money been spent with these famous vag dub this dub that trimmers with posh names- its a trade find a man been in the trade a long time and you'll pay an honest buck for an honest job - his never charged me more then £150 for anything- in his late 60s now would of started off in the saddlery leather works in Walsall I guess as a nipper. .
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