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  1. Sold for good money 22k add on 15 percent fee to buyer . https://www.the-saleroom.com/en-gb/auction-catalogues/silverstone-auctions/catalogue-id-ibsil10064/lot-aa11d4dd-587f-4d11-b5b4-af38011cf5bb#lotDetails I would say probably broke even after he spent a bit on the car and fees, Sold for less then this pretty basic 8v gti mk2 though that surprised me. https://www.the-saleroom.com/en-gb/auction-catalogues/silverstone-auctions/catalogue-id-ibsil10064/lot-c65eede7-fee3-4974-b1c7-af38011dd277#lotDetails Classics seem to be doing well again
  2. Auction live in the next hour- you never know the car could get 30 k plus - silverstone gets very good prices for the cars- there is a a buyers premiun to GUIDE PRICE: £24,000 - £28,000 + buyers premium of 12.5% plus VAT (15% incl VAT) on the first £300,000 of the hammer and 10% plus VAT (12% incl VAT) thereafter So i tink this mean what ever the car sells for add on 15 percent for the full amount of buying cost to buyer. I believe the seller gets a 250 plus vat fee for photos and also - im not sure if they take the percentage off the buyer or seller. Entry fees & promoting your car Our listing fee is just £250 +VAT for cars which includes professional photography, videography, fully insured dry storage during the consignment period and full marketing benefits where we will promote your car worldwide. Our sellers commission is 7.5% +VAT for motor vehicles and is applied to the final hammer price. If im reading t correct that means the auctions house bags 20 percents of the cars sale value + £250 combined off seller and buyer which is far too much money - they will never get one of my motors the greedy sods.
  3. It’s messed up the filter as you have to use the slightly shorter and rubber intake boot which allows more play for a stock air box to fit in - I mean last time I looked used air boxes for a vr were £250 - were £60 5 years back. Yes it’s a nice colour - fir that price I would like to see some black recaro in there - silver with grey leather be a bit sickly for me . Recaro xt look the nuts in silver damn miss that car too 😂
  4. Admittedly I’ve never owned KW just a post on fb someone saying they were to harsh on their car - they are certainly costly so must be well engineered for sure . Thr best value Corrado is an early clean 70 k kr valver - say on a h Reg - great buy at 5-6 k . Great return on enjoyment and costs . When your hitting 20 k plus you are competing against a very serious market and higher performance engineered cars - I think a subu are ageing great - powerful - quirk flat 4 - dare I say it a great buy . low mileage e46 are now also rocketing into the hemisphere.
  5. I think it may struggle to get the reserve - the vsr might snag a buyer- really is a basic spec car with a vsr to be honest - lowish mileage but not what you would call a time warp low mileage car - not even original in the bay- missing parts. I think this car sold back in 2018 time at auction for about 12k - owner has slapped on some kw coil overs which are very harsh on a rado and done a service i think- could be a great winfall for him if it sells. Mine was loaded to the teeth and didnt fetch 25 k but higher mileage but newer parts - i did get 26 k out of her by taking the rare parts off and selling the car with recaro and a few nice other grubbings - still annoyed I had to spilt her up to be honest but the market will tell you what its worth if it sells or not. https://www.silverstoneauctions.com/sa081-lot-19094-1996-vw-corrado-vr6-vsr Im much happier I have transferred the capital into my new car as im not going to get shafted by the insurance company if she ever was involved in theft or an accident- i really dont believe these agreed valuations are worth the paper they write on and also the agreed form is just annoying every year to fill out- I dont have to bother with an agreed on my new car thank god!
  6. Spotted Harrys Garage 39.38 silver vsr corrado silverstone auction. No mention unfortunately
  7. Yes mate he does good price as well - he did my Mk2 and vr6 - he also fixed my old immobiliser on the g60 - probs looking at at sub £300 all in - has the coolest alarm poster advertisements in his reception that he got over the years too / ive tried to buy a few of them off him for some garage art ha !
  8. Guys I know for a fact toad Ai606 have been fazed out and they were the most reliable- but my man in brum ceds alarms has a few left nos ones - give him a bell. CEDS brum you shall find google. Give him a calli he snapped up the last batch.
  9. Thanks Geri its a Gen 1 - in fact the 997 was released in 2004 September- my car was purchased by a doctor from Yorkshire first owner in september 2004 from a London dealers, so I will be investigating how early the car is - you could say its a launch edition- another bonus is the first year or two the tax is £360 a year after that went up to £630 a year- so that is a huge bonus - yes had to be a manual for me as well- if you look as they age the auto are half the price same as the cabs - but cost more new. Yes as it was C6 ABV ( Corrado six cylinder block designation ABV) i thought it should stay with the car but i wish now it had stayed as new car is same paint code and would of been good hamage.
  10. Thanks Shaun - it was not my first colour choice to be honest really fancied a blue or red one but if the right one comes along you have to over look first colour choice as long as its not pink ! I mean literally 80 percent of them are silver or black - Now ive got my garage built i can just chuck her in there- im going to do the 6 month sorn just use her in the summer- i mean probs 2 k miles a year but its hard to even do that as you only get the odd day on the weekend in summer to take her out- my main objective was to get a car that had not seen high doses of winter salt rash ( sick of giving body shops money ) infact i was chatting to an insurance accessor from direct line who owns a rado and collected a tailgate from me, they own 15 of their own in house body shops, there is such a huge shortage of body shop techs they are offering 70 k a year paye and bonuses - aye why a kid dont want to get into that I do not know- more then a scaff and im pretty sure they get to sit down more and drink more teas. and lift less . The car in ten years that will still be low mileage if i need to sell - dare I say the costs will be covered by appreciation - maybe a free car once sold- be very surprised if it dont head upto to a number starting with 5 in a decade and I got it for 26.5. . The car has had some kind of protection a year or two back - look at this ridiculous receipt - huge bonus for me.
  11. Thanks mate I’m going to keep her pretty stock to be honest mate - she is a very basic spec / none electrical dampeners - none sunroof - rear wiper factory delete - I actually sourced one like that as less to go wrong and car will be very light. C2 rwd - it’s the purist form really . I suppose we could call her money pit no2 ! ive got to admit if I was building a Rado again the only thing I would really like is recaro and 288 brakes plus eibach shocks and arbs and some bbs rc322.
  12. I would like to wish everybody in the community the best of luck with their projects or in general enjoying their Corrado. My car sold to a gent from Wales- has owned several corrado over the years- its gone to a great home. Some of the parts I had to sell to bring the value down - a few of the parts went to a storm owner - the car still sold with recaro and some nice tasty bits- all in it financed my new motor. I have now purchased a new car that I was tracking for a while that did not meet its asking at auction- I therefore approached the seller and got it fair few k cheaper. . I wish I had kept the private reg now c6 abv on the VR as the car has the same paint code as black magic LC9Z Black magic so would of been good homage to her. Great mot only doing a few k summer miles per year - not seen any salt- most importantly has not got a sunroof to fail !!!! This is the car. It really suits me as I can use a porsche master tech that charges literally 30 ph doing foreigners on his friends garage ramp at the weekend- also I can get all the parts. If the engine blows one day the money will be still in the car to rebuild as its so low miles so makes sense in the long run for me. Crazy how quick times passes- this 997 is 18 years old all ready. https://www.tradeclassics.com/auctions/porsche/2004-porsche-911-carrera/
  13. Here is carlsson has some very unique features- body kit- wide alloys deep dish - red box ecu - many quirks . Very limited run. https://www.saabplanet.com/saab-900-carlsson/
  14. Yes there could be some good buys next year- vw are a horrid company to be honest - audi tradition are even worse and they wont even ship to the uk after brexit- i will most likely stay clear of them - Porsche and merc are fantastic- I even had a atiwe steering wheel alike to the one that came on a 964 rs- well I couldn't believe it that they ordered me a part in the next day for the wheel - bonkers they really do have most things. The bolts are half the price to and let you buy in singles. I joked to the parts chap at porsche once you going to throw me in a tshirt- and he bloody did felt bad afterwards.
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