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Linus Van Pelt

Induction hose

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Info and advice req'd :wink:


(9A Engine)


The induction hose thing running from the top the the airbox to the throttle on the top of the engine is split into several different pieces, interconnected with jubilee clips. The section which is closest to the engine itself has a small plastic tab (?) on the underside which then connects to two thin hoses (?).


This tab became detached and jammed the throttle valve on wide open :cry:


Anyway, long story short, the nice man from the AA said I should get this part changed. For the moment the offending tab has been superglued in place.


Can anyone throw me a part number and or advise me whether this is dealer only etc? Having seen the repair man take it off and refit, I think even I could manage this one lol


As an aside, has anyone encountered something similar or knows how this tab thing is supposed to be connected to the hose in the first place?


Thanks in advance for any help and apologies for the vagueness in my descriptions :oops:

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