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HELP!! My G60 won't start..:(

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Right guys this is an odd one.

I've had my G60 off the road while I worked on it and got the thing going again last week.

I found that a hose clip wasn't tight around the charger boost return pipe from the throttle body,so I removed the upper inlet pipe and earth strap on the inlet manifold to get to it more easily.

After it was all back together,I went to turn over the engine and nothing happened.The ignition lights come on,the fuel pump primes and all acts as normal until the key twist to start and nothing happens at all.

I've checked the connections to the coil,and made sure that the earth strap was secure and all seems fine.The battery is fairly new(less than six months) and the connections to the starter are secure.

There is some green around the cable on the starter from the battery,but not enough to cause an interruption.

It's odd in the fact that once it got started,it ran fine-no sign of hesitation or cutting out.

Then just after re-tightening a clip,the thing decides it doesn't want to know.

I've checked for loose wires and bad connections but this has me stumped!

Anyone have any ideas?

I'll consider anything(within reason :D ).....

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Probably is corrosion around the started connections... do you hear the soleniod click?


When i doesn't start you need to look for 12V down the red/black wire to the soleniod, if you get volts then it's a starter / soleniod issue, if not then it's ignition switch / imob / wiring / battery...

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