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Carpet Sets!! At last!!! (Full carpet set - not just mats!)

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Looking at others reactions i think i was being naive on the price as i've never replaced the carpet before. I was hoping it would be around £100-£140. At the moment i'm not in a position to spend more than that on the carpet, so i'll just have to wait or buy 2nd hand. :)


No worries Steve. If I manage to get the price down at all I'll let you know.


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I've got a Golf 3 Highline Mulberry. The original mat set are in a very deep purpley colour and my drives side is knackered. VW now only do them in black. I'd like to replace them with as near as possible the correct colour. Looked as if one of your swatches was a purple kind of colour?? If so, can you post a picture? And where do your swatches come from? I can get mats made up to fit by small local trimmer if I can find a vaguely appropriate colour. Otherwise it is back to boring old black!!

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