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Hello from Manchester

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Thought id stop by, I got myself a '92 VR6 late last year with a view to bringing it unto scratch, looked at the info regarding what to look for. Got the car an Aqua blue VR6 with 78k on the clocks. All running fine, kew that the body work needs work to bring it unto scratch, but wasn't worried about that so long as the heart of the car and the mechanicals for the most part were ok. Have to say 6 months on and the car still runs well and sounds devine can't beat the sound of the VR6 I think.


Will be looking at a new exhaust at some point, but have a list of things to do before then - haven't done anything to it as yet as i've just been focusing on selling house and looking for somewhere new. Now that the house is all but sold i'm hoping to divert attention to getting the car up to a good standard.


Now that i've been using it as my daily driver for the past 6 months i've noticed a few things that I should have spotted when i first looked at the car, badly fitting trim in parts (around the dash) and need to change the brakes - but that won't be news to the knowledgeable on here. I'm hoping to do the Mk4 rear brake upgrade to the rear, though not sure about the front yet. I'll hopefully get some pics up this afternoon as the rain seems to be holding off for 5 mins so might be able to get some pics taken. Please don't be too critical as I know it needs a damned good clean inside and out.

I've a couple of areas where I need help / advice but i'll post those questions in the relevant section.

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Welcome buddy :D Don't worry about the bits of trim etc. That can be sorted in due time. Just get plenty of pics up!

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