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£400 2.0 16v for spares/repair...MUST GO AS WHOLE CAR

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Hi everyone, as the title suggests. I have a 2.0 16v corrado in dark blue. Starts and runs fine. Will need a new distributor Nd the one on it isn't the most reliable. I originally bought this car to restore but my father recently passed away and I need to free up some space and money and don't really have the time anymore as I now need to relocate to the midlands....


At the moment I am located in chesterfield/Sheffield and the car is here with me.

The car has some nice audi mirror finished wheels (16") but will definitely need a refurb, spoiler tilts and slides as it should, electrics work, spoiler doesn't automatically move but does work manually.interior condition is actually in good condition with no rips or tears. Driver window not working but I have brought a whole new mechanism so just needs putting in.


The car has not tax or Mot as needs a bit of welding doing and paintwork needs attention here and there. Passenger side wing is rotten but I have a replacement for it in the same colour so just needs putting on.


The price I'm after is £400ono which I think is very fair as can be broken for bits and would fetch more than that



If you would like any more information or pictures then please do not hesitate to contact me on 07453322376



Car also needs a battery as I went to start last night but nothing...I put my own battery from my other car in and it fired straight up



Thank you

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