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2000 Audi TT Roadster (225bhp) £2000

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Sorry folks, looks like it is sold - Deposit has been left, being picked up tomorrow by 1st person to view - I knew it was a bargain! :D If anything changes for whatever reason I will update



Not necessarily the usual fodder for on here, but it is cheap due to needing a couple of jobs doing (something I know most on here aren't put off by) and has plenty of potential


Audi TT Roadster, year 2000 with the 225bhp 1.8 Turbo petrol engine and 6 speed manual gearbox. MOT'd and Taxed till Feb 2014, just under 140,000 miles (this may change slightly as I am using it every now and again to save it just being sat doing nothing)


In rare Nimbus Grey Pearl colour, it is a great value and fun sports car. Normally a stupid time of year to try and sell a convertible, however being a Quattro, this is good all year round practical fun.


I think this is one of the cheapest (if not the cheapest) 225 roadster (and certainly in this colour) that is for sale T&T’d, ready to drive home in, or that hasn’t been crashed! It would certainly break for more, but I don’t currently have the time, inclination or space, being halfway through breaking up an S6 that spun a conrod bearing on me!


Really good spec makes it great value for the money, just some of the features include:


- 6 Speed Manual Gearbox

- Climate Control

- Xenon Headlights

- Heated leather/alcantra seats

- Powered Roof

- Bose sound system

- Heated Electric Mirrors

- CD Player with Aux/Ipod input

- Larger brakes as per Audi S3 (only came on the 225bhp TT)

- Quattro/ABS/ESP

- Plus loads of other bits I am sure I have missed!


Being the 225bhp version, as well as the features above it has a few nice bits that the lower powered versions don't, such as twin tailpipes, red-edged TT badges etc.


It is surprisingly economical given the power, with 35 mpg possible on a run without driving too much like a granny, and still reasonable if you push on a bit. I guess the 6 speed box helps, as it is on a par with my old A3 that was only 2wd and 5 speed, but had a touch more power


Quattro is great for the winter - I wasn't expecting too much having driven 'proper' 4wds I the past, but I was genuinely very impressed with it, never getting stuck in last years snows in rural Wiltshire! It also makes the power usable and safe - My partner used to hate driving my A3 that had similar power in anything other than the dry, yet she was perfectly happy to jump in this and go anywhere.


Bought by myself and my partner nearly 2 years ago, it is only up for sale as we have split up and she is moving abroad. If I didn't need 4 seats for work I would definitely be keeping this, but clients cant sit in the boot unfortunately!


A lot of the usual TT problems have been sorted, and every single piece of equipment works, with no electrical problems at all. Some of the more usual TT nasties that are fine or have already been sorted include:


- Dashpod has been repaired so no immobiliser problems about to jump out on you (if you are buying a TT and haven't googled this issue yet, I recommend you do!)

- Oil pickup pipe has been removed and flushed out during servicing, so no nasty 1.8T oil sludging to destroy your oil pressure.

- Roof has no leaks and works perfectly. I gave it a full clean and renovate while in our care.

- All drain holes and chassis holes have been cleaned out and sorted, so no nasty rust waiting to appear from the inside out


It is not perfect, and there are a few bad bits, hence the price. It is 13 years old, and there is the odd age related mark on the body, the drivers seat is getting a little worn and there is a bit of kerbing on the alloys. It is due a cambelt during probably the next 12 months, or 10,000 miles(ish) dependant on how many miles you do. It could also do with the outer CV boot on the drivers side being replaced as it has seen better days. There is the odd squeak, rattle or bump in the cabin, but I think that is being a roadster as much as anything (don't read more into this than intended, it is not bad but it is a 13 year old soft top, I don't want anyone to turn up expecting brand new car style NVH levels!!) - None of this is exactly world breaking however, and all cheap enough to sort out either yourself, or at a good independent.


All in all a good honest, ready to drive away sports car. I know it is a cliché, but I will genuinely be very sad to see it go, and would be keeping hold if I didn't already have something more appropriate for work duties.
















I have had this up for £2500 for a couple of weeks, however as February gets closer and closer, I need this gone - £2000 will take it, massive amount of car for the money - these must have been near enough £30K new 10 years ago!


Please, don't think that the price means it is a heap - there are a few bits of work that want doing, but other than that it is great - no boost leaks, no turbo problems etc. I have the full version of VAGCOM, and can show you a full scan if you like while you are looking at the car to show you that there are no issues etc


The car is in Cardiff for viewings (I may be able to get it to the west mids for viewings, however wont be going back there much over the next few weeks, so may be difficult to arrange)


Any questions just shout, and any inspection welcome - I am sure there will be things I have forgotten! Needs to go as I have nowhere to keep this off the road now, so needs to go before the tax runs outs, plus Leanne is now in South America, so it isn’t going to be getting used.


PM me on here, or you can get me on 07738 two six five 819 to have a look around it



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