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Hi Guys

After 15years aircooled i've decided to try watercooled while I build a drag beetle so I've brought my first watercooled and its a Corrado picking it up next weekend its a ebay job so haven't even seen it yet its a H reg 1.8 16v has been modified with a 2.0 bottom end.

reg is H30 LOK if anyone knows any history would be helpful

Ex magazine featured car

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Welcome to the forum! Congrats on your first Corrado and watercooled.:thumbleft:


I don't know the car, I'm sure someone here will.

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Evening all


collected my first corrado yesterday bit more of a project than was led to believe but for £450 couldn't really argue to much.


missing some parts the roof strips, complete wiper mechanism. will parts from a later model fit ?


there's a hole in the sill, did have side skirts which are missing now. is there a repair panel I can get ?


Interior not to bad drivers seat has seen better days but the rest is very good needs new glove box door and clock surround.


Had an engine fire so need to replace the injection lines and metering unit









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Hi, thinking of buying a finished project corrado. Vr6 or g60. Don't mind which. Just a nice rebuilt one. If you can point me in in the right direction, I'd appreciate it.



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