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hi all,


been a while since I posted, basically because my Corrado was getting some serious body repair done, to the tune of £3.5k.


I need to some help basically. I've swapped out the 1.8 16v for a 2.0 16v with some saucy aftermarket bits. I've two hardback manuals, but the loom is a little hacked, and I'm not sure which plugs and connections go where. Ideally I'm going to get it running, then garage it over the winter - but it was in my dad's garage and he's just pulled it out as he needs the space, so it's sitting in the Northern Ireland elements right now.


I was hoping somebody really helpful could take a load of photos of their 16v bay and perhaps drop box them to me. The more the merrier really.


I'm not sure what I can offer in return, apart from many thanks and knowing you've helped get another Corrado back on the road...


It's a 1989 1.8 16v.


Hopefully someone can help, and thanks in advance.



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