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  1. I'm afraid I can't help with the intake side of things as I'm R32 but I'm running teves20 but I used a ford focus master cylinder (same as ibiza cupra stubby) and I think the original corrado reservoir
  2. A20Lee still belongs to A20LEE Renshaws is still owned by Vick but still in a whole lot of pieces, saw an update not long ago on instagram of some welding occuring Seen RAM's car a few times at the shows, think it's been changed hands a few times though Think Stormcharged's car has been bubble wrapped and put away in the loft so it doesn't lose its value Last time I saw tribetype's someone had bought it to revert it all back to a VR6 I think
  3. I think the biggest thing for us Corrado owners is the whole thought process of "all you golf guys suck and we have a 2.9". The fact of the matter is, the 2.9 suffers from ovalisation of the bores more than 2.8. If you were thinking about swapping for the 2.8, get an OBD2 engine and just convert everything to OBD2. Having converted my 2.9 to OBD2, on paper the figures were not as impressive but real time driving, there was a massive mid range improvement with a bit of top end loss.
  4. I'm almost 100% sure that the mk4 R32 is the same height as the VR6, it's the mk5 & Audi that are shallower...
  5. I think that's the mk4 sump which is the same height as the VR6 just in alloy. Have a look here: https://www.vr6oc.com/forum/forums/topic/18007-the-32-sump-on-a-vr6-thread/ Says the mk5 R32 sump part no. is 022 103 601R
  6. 17x8 et35 is apparently the perfect fit for a 17" wheel, have a look at the BBS RS301's, that's the same spec and are definitely the most sought after wheel for the corrado, but also the most insanely priced second hand wheel on the planet. That said, I think most people running that setup do roll the arches just in case. Physically it will fit but the lower you go, the more chance of catching the arch.
  7. Ahh kufatec, the most unhelpful people on the planet! Yes I agree the durite is a pain, you have to bend the ends of the pin to get them to work properly. I still need something to do the micro terminals as they are an absolute pain to depin and the durite don't go small enough
  8. They are called junior power timer terminals, you get male, female and the micro ones. You also get grommet type and non-grommet type so just be aware of that. I got all mine from 3waycomp on ebay, he was always very helpful so I'm sure he could provide you with a selection pack. Don't forget the durite multi tool & a proper ratchet crimping tool, you will absolutely not regret getting a decent one as I use mine all the time!! Mines similar to this https://www.amazon.co.uk/Voilamart-Ratcheting-Professional-Connectors-Screwdriver/dp/B07F9VBMW4/ref=sr_1_20?keywords=crimping+tool&qid=1582193446&sr=8-20
  9. Lol, it's swiftkid btw (first car was a swift gti & I can't be bothered to change username) Anyway, the look of a tyre very much comes back to tyre choice, on my old valver I ran 16x7.5 wheel with 195/45/16 yokohama, it had a little bit of a stretch on it but not too daft. I went to get a replacement tyre and Yokohama had discontinued the tyre with the S-drive, I asked if it was the same width etc. and was told "Yes, it's exactly the same profile". After fitting it, it was completely different, I might as well have gone from a 195 to a 225!! 2 hours down the road and it caught so badly the arch hit the tyre, unfolded itself and took a huge lump out the tyre! And that's 2 tyres from the same manufacturer! I'm running 16x8.5 (195/45) & 16x9.5 (215/40) and they poke less than my 16x9 staggered set. I know Falken's have a tendency to stretch more, Toyo are sort of middle men, anyone who fits those horrific nankang ditchfinders need shooting but they stretch quite a bit. I rolled and pulled my arches slightly, I would definitely advise rolling them. I was getting my car resprayed so I wasn't bothered about splitting the paint but with a heat fun and a proper roller I managed to do it without even damaging the paint!
  10. Without teaching you how to suck eggs I'll start with the basics and if you already know it happy days. ET is the measurement in mm from the centreline of the wheel (alloy) to the mounting face to the hub of the wheel. Why they do wheels in inches and offset in mm is beyond me. The difficulty with some of the measurements on that website is they are 'perfect world' calculations and no 2 tyres are ever the same. you could go from a bridgestone to a goodyear and find the profile is completely different. When they say the tyre will stick out 33mm further this is based on the edge of the estimated tread to the new line of the estimated tread and same with the wheel itself. You could go from a 7" wheel to a 9" wheel whilst retaining the same tyre and the wheel will stick out further but the edge of the tread won't, hence the dimension. Basically you are correct that you could run staggered wheels of the same width to get the right look. I ran a 9" front and back et15 & et25.
  11. It's the life of Corrado ownership, when things don't go right interest soon drops off. I'm the same at the moment, think me and phil are going to try get a 2 for 1 price for an exorcist to come and get rid of the demons in our cars. I'll drop him another text and poke him to give it another go for this summer.
  12. After the first Horizon came out the standard Forza's are a bit boring for me now, I just like blasting round the roads. I'm on Horizon 4 a few times a week but mostly just for an hour or so
  13. I've got a couple, I've got the hand held cheapy one & a Sykes Pickavant vice mount one. The cheapy one is a pain to use, takes a bit of practice and sometimes takes a couple of attempts to get a good flare. The Sykes Pickavant vice mount one is worth its weight in gold. They aren't cheap but they come up on ebay all the time, think I paid about £70 for mine but I redid my entire brake system and was dead easy to use and gave perfect flares every time.
  14. Sorry I get you now, I used the entire lupo shifter housing and mech with the mk4 tower, can't help with part numbers as I just went looking round a scrappy for a lupo with aluminium shifter housing. I already had the mk4 tower so didn't get the lupo tower but might be the same. Apparently you can get a full setup from an ibiza but not sure on that.
  15. He did buy a house! and is currently having an ongoing battle with power steering or lack of which seems not to be broken parts but hidden demon spirits causing chaos. Replaced literally every single part in the power steering assembly and still having same problem... Corrado's eh, who'd have them!!!
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