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WTB: 94 vr6 lambda probe connector piece with cables

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Hi, I am looking for the connector and maybe you have one that has a bad probe or no probe, all I need is connector with 10cm wires , bought the wrong one and I will match new sensor with old connector and solder it together.

I need this square type of connector.

, left on pic



PM me if you have one, thanks.




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I maybe able to help, but why do you not simply return what you bought and get the correct one? They are easily available.


I think I have a 93 VR6 one at home and will try to dig it out later this evening and have a look.

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@hendrikbmx - I can sell you the whole original lambda sensor that I took off my VR at 90K miles (it was working fine at the time, simply a maintenance precaution), or I can remove the pins and give you the connector only if you want?


As far as I know, these connectors should be readily available through a dealer by the way - I'll see if I can get the part number for you. The whole probe should be part#535906088 for a VR.


EDIT - actually just checked your original post and photo - my sensor has the rounded connector on the right of your picture, so is probably no use to you - apologies. But you can definitely buy these through the VAG dealer, and they also sell cable/loom repair sections, which are essentially a length of wire with the pins already present at each end.



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