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1994 Nov Cloth interior

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From a 1994 Nov Corrado VR6, with 60,000 miles on the clock. Left over from a project to upgrade to leather. This lot has been in storage since the car was 3 years old. Clean, almost no blemishes, very little bleaching. Only been used for 3 years, then stored in a warm, dry, environment, wrapped. Door cards included.


1. There is a 6mm hole in driver's squab, almost unnoticeable, seems to have been mechanically punched into place. See photo.  Can be stitched shut or a black plastic cap inserted.

2. The compression lines on driver's squab can be brought out with a steam cleaner. They were caused by the other seat leaning on it whilst in storage. Kept safe and dry all this time. 

3. The driver's door panel at the very top, window edge, has some vinyl shrinkage. Not noticeable when fitted (the window rubber covers it).

4. Door Speaker pods and trays also available for purchase separately £5 for the pair.

Offer of £170 or more, collected, cash or Paypal - sold as is. Will respond to a courier. Happy to suggest a few. Already have four people thinking about this. Have bubble wrap. Can buy straps and a pallet if this needs to be collected by a courier and I'm needed to pack and wrap it. I recently did a similar exercise for easypops and the pallet+straps came to about £40. 

Said with respect: please only contact me in you are interested in buying this. Am not in the trade. This is from my car. Replaced it with an OEM leather suite. So this is waiting for a good home.

Front seats.jpg

Parts label.jpg

Rear panel left.jpg

Rear panel right.jpg

Rear seat left.jpg

Rear seat right.jpg

Hole in side.jpg

Drivers door card with peeling vinyl at top.jpg

Drivers door card.jpg

Passenger door cover - Copy.jpg

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