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How to remove trim when roof not tiltable??

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My Corrado has been sat for a long time with little intervals of use for various reasons and has had half the interior out for sometime because the sunroof broke just as it was closing from fully open, so it not only doesn't work, its bloody noisy too!! Now there are parts available (via K-rado) it might kick my arse into locating the issue. To that end if anyone can suggest how to remove the inner panel WITHOUT tilting it first I'd be very grateful, I'm not aware that it's possible...

This would be at least give me a chance to try and reduce the wind noise and possibly confirm the issue without dropping it first. 😎😎

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The inner panel needs the sunroof closed to be removed and refitted. 
it arches to 2 hooks on the sunroof mech one near each corner. You have to push up firmly while pushing backwards, Be careful though as you’ll break the plastic on the inner panel if you don’t push up enough to clear the hooks. 
As the mech move backwards and forwards it pushes the inner panel about with these hooks.  

If yours is nearly closed it might help to do what cressa said and see if you can close it manually by messing with the motor, you can turn it with an Allen key or similar and the sunroof will move. 

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