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  1. Great. Thanks for the heads up
  2. 17”s aren’t so bad with kw v3 coilovers
  3. When cold it should be on the minimum level marker. As it gets hot and pressurises it should read max on the level marker of the overflow tank.
  4. Use demineralised water or give it a good boil before you add it to the coolant.
  5. Mine have the little screw holes too. Never mind 😖
  6. What’s the condition of the a pillar trims, any scars?
  7. My loom has arrived. Thanks very much to all the guys that made this happen.
  8. Very nice. It’s the little things that bring joy sometimes.
  9. Will the clay bar get the white marks out? Yes
  10. Don’t over tighten them bolts or the captive nuts will break loose, then it’s pretty much goosed. the seal is the o-ring as people’s have said. Try a slightly fatter top quality o-ring with some silicone grease to help it in.
  11. Gutted for you, some people! go to Halfords and get some Meguires clay bar and spray. break off a piece of the clay bar warm it up by needing it with your hands/fingers Apply the spray to the area concerned and then rub the clay bar over the paint. Small area at a time.
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