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  1. It will be mechanical as it only has one motor to drive both sides. It’s easy to take it out and inspect. Try manually moving it. Remove the plastic cover that hides is and there is a toggle in the middle. Pull the toggle to engage it and turn to raise and lower the spoiler.
  2. KW V3, aren’t harsh. Depends how you set them up, I’m very happy with mine for the last 5 years 10k mile. I can’t see it fetching £24k either.
  3. If it’s the same setup as a Corrado. The pump is in the tank and should prime when the ignition is turned on
  4. Well done mate, that looks the busy.
  5. I have a Clifford fitted. I just use the basic functions ie press a button to lock and unlock. It’s also connected to a tracker, if the alarm goes off, battery disconnects or it’s moving on a trailer they ring me up to confirm all is ok. When I was pricing it up, the guy at the shop was telling me I needed a closure module, I was insistent it didn’t. When he came to fitting the alarm he said I was right and it wouldn’t cost any extra
  6. Does look very nice. Too nice to take out for me 😂, I’d be a nervous wreck leaving it parked up. Good luck with it matey, hope it treats you well.
  7. If you are running with the standard set up with FCM you just provide switched power/earth to the black plug wiring on the thermostat housing to bring the fans on full.
  8. One does side to side the other forward and back. Sounds like your side to side one needs setting. It’s just a case of experimenting with a massive adjustment to find which is which then altering till it’s ok. There is also adjustment on the gear stick end but I haven’t had to play with that yet thankfully so can’t point thou in any direction there, sorry.
  9. I have a manual override. I’m running similar to ABV post. Switch is to have both on full power. But I’ve got relays on mine so a live switch to the relays with a diode on.
  10. 1xshaunx1

    Replacement key?

    I would be astonished if you could still get the oe key cut from scratch. I got an oe key for this one over 6 years ago and there was one person selling them in the USA and it cost something like £50. You can still get similar blank keys but they aren’t the oe ones with the light button on even from the dealer at that time. Having said that I hope you pull it off, as it is a bit off a faf about with the other locks and barrel if not.
  11. It s one hell of a ride matey, welcome aboard.
  12. 1xshaunx1

    Replacement key?

    Don’t think you’ll be able to get a key from the dealer anymore. The coding is in a chip in the the key. It’s easier to open up the old key up and swap the chip into your new key. If the key is goosed the barrel maybe too as it was on my last Corrado, so I changed the barrel and 2 new keys came with it. Remove the other locks and it’s a case of messing with the plates inside the handle lock to match the new keys. Someone on here did it a few years ago. A guy at the local be dealer did mine for £20 but he’s long gone now. I’ve got a new barrel and 2 keys stashed if you are struggling as I never used them as this car is OK.
  13. That looks great. You’ve inspired me, I’m off to fix my exhaust and change my oil.
  14. Ive got a tracker on mine, just so there is still some hope if this type of thing happens. Although not much help for dukest it is something to consider for those with no garage parking. You could just use an old iPhone wired in charging behind the dash or hidden above the roof lining or similar, if the car disappears use the find my iPhone app. This is how we found the guy that burgled my daughter at uni and recovered all her stuff and car. He turned her iPad on and that was him lifted a couple of hours later.
  15. I wonder if they’ve gone club members only
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