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Early to late door card electrics

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Hi all just bought a early corrado project on a j plate.

Previous owner  has put late door cards in car which wasn't fitted  so need bit advice with wiring for electric windows and wing mirrors as switches are late and have early wiring plugs  is there a adaptor available.



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Welcome - There's info on the wiki about this https://wiki.the-corrado.net/wiring_late_electric_mirror_switches_to_early_loom.html for the mirror switch.

Pasted below for reference. Not sure about adapters, you could try sourcing male female equivalents for the existing loom plugs and wire in a small section, or move the pins to the correct connectors or splice.


Wiring Late electric mirror switches to early loom

Ok, I've been meaning to put this up for a while but I've been too busy. Andy T e-mailed me to ask for help on this so I figured while I was replying to him I'd copy the reply into here for the benefit of others. What Follows is an extract from the reply I sent him.

Anyway, the wiring for the later switches wasn't done by me but a previous owner and the up is dow, down is up, left is right and right is left. I can live with it cause I rarely move my mirrors. Some people have done this using the wiring I tell them and everything works ok so the insides to my switch could be upside down. Ok here goes

    Early Brown--------------Late Brown and Yellow (3)
    Early Blue---------------Late Brown (8 )
    Early White--------------Late Brown & Black (1)
    Early Black--------------Late Black and Yellow (5)
    Early Blue & Red---------Late Grey & Green (2)
    Early Yellow & Black-----Late Red & Black (7) and White & Black (6)

There is one wire which you don't connect but I can't remember if it's on the early or late loom. I think it's blue though. It will be the only one that you have left connnected to anything. Hope this helps matey and let me know how it goes.

I cannot take the credit for this as I said the work was done by the previous owner of my car (g60pops I think), all I did was take the doorcard off and look at what he'd done. I hope this is of use to some of you as it has helped a few people in the past.

If anyone has any suggestions to improve this, let me know as this is only a quick version of it. Cheers,


        Addition by Andy T**

Thanks for this Graeme, it worked a treat. The movements are back to front like yours are(no big deal though) I studied the wiring diagram and the only way to correct it is to reverse the polarity at the motors(swop two wires over) it can't be done at the switch. The only connection that isn't used is terminal 4 on the late mirror switch, it's unused even on late cars/looms.

Andy T"

Hope this helps. The doors will be simpler as the window motor only has two wires going to it and polarity is reversed for up/down.

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