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Heater/fan control

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Can anyone point me to a definitive explanation of how to fix or replace the fan/heater controls of a 95 Corrado plse? 

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Controls or the resistor on the fan blower motor? What are your symptoms?

To remove the controls, gently lever off the trim cover surround, the dials stay in place and you will see four screws holding it in - the mounts for these often break though. The unit will then lift out, but only a bit if the control cables are still attached.

The resistor fix for missing a single speed is easily doen and well documented on the web as other VWs had the same issue - if the controls are the rotary ones, it's more tricky - they are very fragile and the cog teeth tend to break if the knob is forced in any way. They operate using three bowden cables to the flaps on the heater matrix and often get stuck -the fix would be to replace the cables and sleeves, make sure all the control flaps move freely and then check the internals of the dial unit for damage and try to repair with epoxy. The units are LHD and RHD specific and almost impossible to get hold of new - and unfortunately specific to the later cars.

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