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Basic speaker upgrade

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I know there are many posts on this already but technology moves on ...

I have a basic Blaupunkt Valencia HU with original dash tweeters, unknown door speakers (one not quite right) and old JBL GTO 6x4's at the rear (one is no good). 

I just want a better sound but don't want to spend a lot on amps and subs and so on. So a few questions:

- do I need rear speakers - there's rarely anyone in the back

- can anyone recommend decent 5.25's that will fit with no modification in the doors (I believe the Alpine SXE-1325s can be used?) 

- is it worth replacing the tweeters for more up-to-date ones If I did would I need one with an inline cross-over?

- or alternatively replace with a 4" 2-way speaker (e.g. Alpine SXE-1025s)


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You probably don't need the rear speakers, but there is a fairly well priced Alpine alternative that are the same range as the one's that fit for the doors and dash, so people including me, have just used all three:

 SXE­4625S (rear)

SXE-1325S (door)

SXE-1025S (dash)

The 1025s in the dash need some fettling to fit, you can see in my build thread what I did, although I think just keeping stock tweeters here might be fine. You will also need to make up a short wiring connection to replace the crossover in the stock tweeters if you did, as the doors connect to these.

This will make a world of difference to your sound without resorting to amps and subs, as the stocks end up pretty knackered. The only thing, as I say, is potentially leaving out the dash speakers as I don't think this made a lot of difference. I keep meaning to put the tweeters back in to compare the difference.

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